Warped it is…

Not sure if it’s the design, the photos, the felted piece insert, the crocheting or the price tag of $45 each that makes these slouchy hats a little warped but I suppose they are all equal offenders in the end.

Slouchy Wool Hat with a unique needle felted and wet felted picture at the back, a little different from the rest ………….

  • slouchyhat
  • slouchyhat1
  • slouchyhat2
  • slouchyhat3
  • slouchyhat4
  • slouchyhat5
  • slouchyhat6
  • slouchyhat7

No animal was harmed…

…in the making of these flip flops! The yarn is acrylic from Turkey and the leather of the sole is from a cow that’s already dead.

Bring out your inner hippy with these flip flops! These unique flip flops are hand made and no patterns are used so they are just as different as you are. They have a multi color flower that sits in the middle of your foot. The tops come to your ankle and straps with a wooden bead at each end wrap around your leg or you can tie them off around the ankle. The yarn is made in Turkey with acrylic. The leather is cow that had already passed before the leather was taken, so no violence was used.

  • flipflop2
  • flipflop3
  • flipflop4
  • flipflop5

Is that a squid on your head?

I went searching for man crochet…just to see what would come up and this is definitely not what I was expecting to find. This must be the squid mate to our gravatar image

  • Squid
  • Squid2
  • Squid3
  • Squid4

And for $119.50, here’s what you get:

The design of this critter came from blending characteristics from both an octopus and giant squid. It has 8 curly tentacles, with the 2 in the front ending in domed clubs. Lining the tentacles are small crocheted suckers, each of which are carefully sewn on individually.The hood is specially shaped to have that peaked top like a squid with crocheted eyes sewn on the sides. Crocheted from a soft and sturdy worsted acrylic yarn, so even though you’re wearing an animal, you’re not wearing a real animal! A happy bonus to all the vegans out there!

Something cozy…

For your feet! And guess what? These would go fabulously with the jacket in the last post.

Of if you’re in the mood to be an elf, here you go:

Or maybe you want something that’s just plain ugly:

Lots of options to keep those toes nice and warm while March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

Hat Statue

It’s been fun sifting through some crochet art the last few days and in the vain of interesting, we bring you another installation which wins on creativity but loses on functionality. Some would say that’s the point of art but for the sake of this blog, if you show the hat statue on legs, it kind of implies there should be some sort of functionality there.