The blog title where this beauty was found reads: “Crochet, Comfortable & Practical for Girls”. Where to begin exactly? Yikes. Not sure how comfortable or practical this design would be given the lumps and bumps the tampons would create under a  pair of pants or skirt but then again, who would notice, right? Insert sarcastic smirk here.

Thank you to one of our faithful readers for sending this submission in – it does appear on a blog from Hungary so perhaps the translation isn’t that great with Google Translate but I’m not so sure there’s an excuse for this one.

Step away from the crochet hook…

If you’re wondering when you should step away from the crochet hook, remember this old saying “too much of a good thing” and when you feel yourself slipping over into the abyss of overkill, it is definitely time to put down the crochet hook.

And to think these purse designs were created by a “team” and not one of them thought “oh hey, that’s just pushing the gaudy envelope, maybe we should stop”.

However, like good little designing minions for a yarn brand label, they are just making sure we all buy that extra skein of yarn to embellish our asses off.

ETA: For those of you with an astute eye (thank you Brandy!) the second purse is indeed knitted and that was entirely my oversight…my bad! I’ll leave it up there as it’s equally horrendous.

$500 Socks

How to get hosed? Buy $500 socks. Who commands such a price? An artist named Rodarte who I have no idea who they are but I digress…behold the holey socks…yes, I know it’s probably art but wow.

Holey socks? $500! Yuck response? Priceless!

Muppet Roadkill

When I saw this I laughed so hard…it looks like the whole muppet crew exploded on her shoulder! The atrocity and the horror of it…oh my! Fun fur never gets old does it? Maybe if Lion Brand actually had some decent yarns their patterns wouldn’t be so bloody hideous.

Mad Caps?

Now granted this was 1967 but the expression on the model’s face is priceless so a little crochet pattern nostalgia was in order. She’s sure to scare the little kids off the bunny hill if she wore that crazy cap while skiing.

Thanks to Brianna, one of our readers, for sending this one in…we appreciated the look back in time however frightening it was!

Resistance is Futile…

I saw this gem while searching for a toy pattern on Lion Brand’s website.

i gasped as I saw this:


OMG.  it’s a hideous crochet hat!  Doesn’t it look crazy???  my first thought was….The Borg Queen

The Borg Queen
The Borg Queen

I guess the simliarities really lie in the facial expression.  But can’t you see some nut crocheting this hat so the Borg Queen can keep her slimy bald head warm? hahahaha

If you really want that hat pattern…here it is.

And to head off in 2008!

I’m unspeakably relieved that despite a significant amount of searching I couldnt find Christmas Crocheted Fug.

I looked. I found some really darling pieces that made me wish I had more time in my life but.. hey..

What I did find.. and it produced a number of mixed reactions when I saw it, was this:

a hat apparently (get this.. it’s a bargain at 3,000 pounds!!)

It’s a Hat. It may LOOK like a sea anemone or the hyperbolic crochet reef.. but it’s a hat. For 3,000 pounds???

It looks vaguely biological.

And painful….

And if anyone feels that they could make this and give it to  their significant other/partner/sweetie/husband (darling or otherwise) and not have it surreptitiously fed to the dog/cat/budgie, please give it a go, and send the photos!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a fugfree (in every way!)  New Year!

“Oinga Floinga” Hat

Does the video speak for itself? Thought so.

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in –
please don’t poke your eyes out while watching it.

P.S.:  A couple of comments already asking if this is real –
seems to be!  There are more videos of more hats where
this came from AND a custom hat will run you $1,000 US!

Bronx Bag

“A crocheted Bonsai bag is adorned with bobbles galore”
quoted directly from the site. Bobbles galore…ya,
that’s exactly what this looks like.

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in!