Bonus: Sheets!

I wish I had thought of this! Crochet a king size blanket then throw in just ONE pillow case and a set of sheets and guess how much you can charge?







Makes sense right?  I knew you’d understand. And in case you were wondering, the blanket for $16,000.00 has been marked down to $15,000.00 probably just in time for Christmas. Mighty festively generous of this seller!

It seems innocuous…

…it’s just a blanket made of what looks like Red Heart or some other cheap
acrylic yarn but what gets it on the blog is the price…are you ready?

Better be seated…scroll down…
you better take it all in before you see the price…






Not even kidding – wish I was.


At first maybe not because men have a penis right? Then my suspicions got stronger with the last piece…obsessed? Maybe. All in the eye of the beholder. However, having said all that, there’s surely no questioning the creepy factor.







When in doubt…

…befuddle your potential customers with long drawn out wording because that will convince them to spend $5,000 on your “creation”:

Extravagantly mixed art yarns in vibrant autumn colors & incorporated, exquisitely mixed ripped fabrics accentuate this signature freeform haute couture coat.

An endless variety of never repeating ornaments elaborately sculptured ruffles, meander & floral designs create a captivating look and luxurious opulence.

il_570xN.441851684_mjg3 il_570xN.441860911_iy3c

There is a use for fun fur…

And hats and beards off the models for posing with a good attitude.

This is a hand crocheted beard with mustache for a special someone in your life. It’s warm and fuzzy and perfect for those frigid and frosty days. The yarn is all acrylic for ease of care. This listing is for the beard/mustache only. It has two soft crochet loops to fit around your ears so that it can be worn with any hat of your choice.

il_570xN.302795629 il_570xN.423843474_8btw il_570xN.423841344_25bc il_570xN.423845673_m7j4

Chicken Sweaters

No, seriously, I am not making this shit up! Chicken sweaters!

Chickens molting? Backs getting bare? A hand-crocheted chicken sweater will keep your chickens warm during cold, windy or snowy days. Machine wash and dry. 100% acrylic yarn. Do not iron. May be ordered in a large variety of colors. Specify color desired and size, please. Orders made in order received. Four sizes available.

  • chickensweater
  • chickensweater2
  • chickensweater3
  • chickensweater4
  • chickensweater5
  • chickensweater6
  • chickensweater7
  • chickensweater8


Now that the whiny babies have moved on, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program and before you write to threaten copyright infringement and lawsuits, get a life! Or better yet, flounce off…always a great use of resources to sue for something that’s not worth even an hour of a lawyer’s time. Good luck with that!

So many crochet beards on Ravelry…just a wee sampling of them! Some of them scarier than others but mostly just quite funny to look at and perfect for the traditional holiday coming up at the end of October!