No Purpose “Rippled Macaroon” Poncho

Can you see it on her face? She’s pursing her a lips a tad…probably trying not say “dear God, get this thing off me!!”. Selling a pattern on the statement “fits any body shape” is NOT a good sign. Really…if that’s your only marketing “tool”, you’re in trouble!! I call this a “no purpose” poncho because, well, seriously, what purpose does it serve if you wear it? It’s ugly, it’s unstylish and it really looks like you just sorta threw it on because you weren’t sure what else to do with it. And what’s up with those tassles? Geez, they’d get caught in everything. It really does nothing for this model’s outfit…again, no purpose. So that leads to another topic…if your crochet really has no purpose, don’t do it! Crocheting is not to do just because you can do it…seriously, do you choose your clothes that way? I just have to put something on so I’ll just put whatever on. I don’t think so. Same principle applies to crochet – it really should have a purpose when you make it!