Couch Dresses

Seriously, what the h*ll? I’ve had a few people email this one to WNTC…is this for real? Can’t be!! If it is, well, it belongs in the WTF file…and believe me, anything that belongs in the WTF file is seriously bad…beyond hideous…in fact, just downright NOT RIGHT. It can be customized to fit you and any couch or loveseat! Seriously! You don’t believe me do you? You even get two flower broaches which will be such a wonderful accessory to this monstrosity that they will definitely distract from the fact that you’re in a freakin’ COUCH DRESS!! I don’t know what else to say…I’m at a loss for words on this one…so I’ll just end it with WTF??!!!

This brain aneurism submitted to WNTC by: Karen, Donna, Peach & Ronnie…thanks!