Some people just never learn

Everyone remembers Bjork as the crazy lady that went to the Oscars wearing a dress that looked like a swan draped on her body. She should have been shot for that.

Does this crazy lady actually have fans? Fans that appreciate THIS?


Bjork must stand there in all this hideous crochet glory.


Is Bjork trying to shoot at people with her crocheted arm extensions? What is this? How are these pictures/crochet.wear done on purpose???

It gets WORSE!!


Oh my. There are no words for this. Why is she posing like that? is she trying to poop while using the stick for leverage?

My personal favorite:


Is she trying to throw crochet fireflames? Wait…she’s trying to dance while her arms are on fire w/ crocheted flames. right? Felted flames? WTF??



I hope she didn’t waste good quality yarn for these horrific things. Let’s just all pray she used RedHeart or something. :)

I did not find these in Bjork’s hidden stash of pictures-that-shall-never-be-seen-EVER.


These are on her website, for everyone to see and marvel at. —> click on “2007” to see the rest.

Now I must burn out the section of my brain that saw all this. :)