Alien Anatomy

You can’t help but laugh at these kinds of crochet items. The artist must have a wicked sense of humor to think aliens have similar anatomy to humans! Thankfully if they want to mate and make more of their kind, they have all the right “parts”.

$500 Socks

How to get hosed? Buy $500 socks. Who commands such a price? An artist named Rodarte who I have no idea who they are but I digress…behold the holey socks…yes, I know it’s probably art but wow.

Holey socks? $500! Yuck response? Priceless!

Muppet Roadkill

When I saw this I laughed so hard…it looks like the whole muppet crew exploded on her shoulder! The atrocity and the horror of it…oh my! Fun fur never gets old does it? Maybe if Lion Brand actually had some decent yarns their patterns wouldn’t be so bloody hideous.