Caftan – huh?

The blurb with this piece reads:

Cossack costume? (Etruscan, Tartar, Mongolian?) No, it’s simply a crochet wool caftan — a guaranteed party stopper.

Party stopper indeed as everyone flees in horror when this guy comes into the party!

And yes, I had to look it up – caftan means:

  1. a long garment having long sleeves and tied at the waist by a girdle, worn under a coat in the Middle East (or)
  2. a long, full, usually collarless robe with wide sleeves that is worn at home for lounging or entertaining or at the beach as a cover-up

Scratching your head too?  Good because I’m not sure what party this would be a stopper at!

Thanks to one of our faithful readers for sending this one in – it’s from Creative Crochet and it’s circa 1970s which could explain the crazy of this garment…maybe.