X-rated Slippers

After all the turkey festivities and perhaps even the Black Friday sales elbowing and fighting…who couldn’t use a giggle about now or maybe it’s more like a WTF? Gah! And if you prefer, the maker of these slippers will customize for you…

I can put either boobies, penis or vagina’s on a pair of slippers for you. I can also mix it up and have one of 2 choices on them. How special can these be?  These slippers are very unique. I see all those slippers in the stores for kids that have the animal heads on them. We adults need some fun ones too!


Happy Turkey Day!

Do you all remember this hat posted awhile ago?

Since it’s Thanksgiving in the USA and there’s a boatload of turkey being eaten, isn’t this hat just perfect timing? Not to mention there’s crocheters who actually made this crazy design and don’t go thinking it’s the trypophan making you sleepy enough that your eyes are deceiving you – these are for real!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Kinky Set

The kinkiest part of this set? Made with acrylic yarn…ugh. Sure, it makes it more wash & wear but acrylic has a way of sucking the sexy right out of anything but blankets and rugs.

And, by the way, the designer claims that the mask hides your identity…great, but what about the poor girl being flogged?

All yours for the low low price of $30!


The designer describes this thing as “luxury ladies designer gillet/top/vest”…  And in case you are still not tempted, here’s the description of the item for sale and the kicker? It’s copyright protected! Well, if someone wants to steal this they need to be locked up and the key thrown away! Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers for sending this one in!

From my new collection inspired by “”Fotoula” Amazing statement gillet in lilac color and many other colors! It is embroidered with knitted roses and leaves. It is handmade crochet with seven colors and different yarns The size of this model is M/L. If you want it sent me your size and i will make in any color you want! This item is copyright protected! ENJOY