I don’t even know what hoopin means nor do I know what this thing is for? Anyone? And at what festival is this an “eye-catcher”? Oh my. Worked up in different colors doesn’t make it better either. And $30 for anyone interested in her yarn scraps!

For all you hoopin mamas, performers, woodland creatures, and anyone else who wants to add some sparkle to their wardrobe. An eye-catcher at festivals.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve heard that word and most of the comments on this design are “why?” and I think that pretty much sums it up. And yes, others have crocheted this – the addition of it to the statue is probably the most hilarious reason to make one.

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In case you need a cape…

…to feel like a clown…this beauty is yours for $649! Free shipping of course…bonus, right?

This inspired one of a kind, free form crochet garment will have you feeling like the Queen that you are! Turquoise + peacock blues, light lime, olive and rich army greens, white and creams with a hint of pink and maroon waves and paisley. Funky yet, regal. It will pair nicely with most anything! This piece is elegant, but can be worn casually too… that part is up to YOU!

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No animal was harmed…

…in the making of these flip flops! The yarn is acrylic from Turkey and the leather of the sole is from a cow that’s already dead.

Bring out your inner hippy with these flip flops! These unique flip flops are hand made and no patterns are used so they are just as different as you are. They have a multi color flower that sits in the middle of your foot. The tops come to your ankle and straps with a wooden bead at each end wrap around your leg or you can tie them off around the ankle. The yarn is made in Turkey with acrylic. The leather is cow that had already passed before the leather was taken, so no violence was used.

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