Warped it is…

Not sure if it’s the design, the photos, the felted piece insert, the crocheting or the price tag of $45 each that makes these slouchy hats a little warped but I suppose they are all equal offenders in the end.

Slouchy Wool Hat with a unique needle felted and wet felted picture at the back, a little different from the rest ………….

  • slouchyhat
  • slouchyhat1
  • slouchyhat2
  • slouchyhat3
  • slouchyhat4
  • slouchyhat5
  • slouchyhat6
  • slouchyhat7

How about just Shabby?

Oh yes, using the word “shabby” with “chic” definitely makes it better, yes? Ah, you guys be the judge…feast your eyes! Not responsible for spelling errors – the listing came that way!

Shabby chic creative jacket/cardigan with granny squares patchwork green crazy jacket. This is a dark green cotton blend jacket. By the inspiration of my creative spirit it was embalished with a bunch of granny squares and converted into a piece of wearable art, absolutely unique and not possible to copy.

  • il_570xN.338277782
  • il_570xN.338277784
  • il_570xN.338277848
  • il_570xN.341779531
  • il_570xN.341779551
  • il_570xN.341897562
  • il_570xN.367935180_l2ij
  • il_570xN.367942389_f825
  • il_570xN.367942395_9pot