Wigs & Peekaboo…

…side boob does not give you permission to use the word “art” to charge $5,000 for your crochet piece. ¬†And also, may I suggest using a spell checker before posting this drivel?

…and I just launched my own brand named Luckgorcian, and making the concept ( first collection and the name, business cards and get the start done) and especially those first 3 pieces took me a little over year,, and they are only one! Like my own babies .. they are mainly handmade, only sewed the back closing parts for two of them, everything else is done by my small hands and it would be my honour if u would be the first who will wear my stuff.. trust me u will feel like million bucks in it and stand out :) in your special event… and this is one of the 3 pieces I launched. The price of the dress is 5000 US dollars and only direct bank transfer or paypal is the option for paying…. (edited to remove the rambling – not worth the space on the blog)

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