For true individuals…

As opposed to the fake individuals of course. It’s the perfect wording for selling this don’t you think? Cost? $2,000.

Extravagantly mixed art yarns in the colors of the Aegean are the quintessence of this signature freeform tunic. An endless variety of never repeating ornaments elaborately sculptured ruffles, meander & floral designs create a captivating look and luxurious opulence.

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I threw up some yarn.

And instead of throwing it in the garbage, this seller wants to give you the privilege
of buying their “rainbow of love vessel” … yes, I know you’re scratching
your head but this seller really did use those words to describe the yarn barf.

bowl4 bowl3 bowl2 bowl


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Finger shadows.

Don’t you hate it when your fingers ruin a perfectly good photo? It’s not like you can’t take another and delete that one, right? I, for one, always enjoy bad lighting, finger shadows and doorway shots especially when I’m looking at a listing that is selling for $625.

dress4 dress3 dress2 dress


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