Beaded Bag Sets

Especially when it's a free pattern only available for one day! Here's a hint…if a pattern can't last more than a day, you really better scratch your head and wonder if it's worth it or not!!

In case you're wondering, these are a water bottle bag, cell phone bag and a palm pilot pouch with huge beads hanging off them. If the beads are bigger than the bags, uh, you better re-think that concept too. Yikes!


  1. Daenna says:

    I have never understood why some people seem to think that a ton of needless, useless, fringe, spangle, beads and whatnot equal a better looking item. yes, sometimes as an accent, it can make a piece stand out.

    However, most of the time, people go overboard with it, and they end up with messes like these.

  2. Karen says:

    I think this bag would have worked if they used a smaller bead. A good old pony bead, put 3 on a strand here and there would give it a western look. Done in a suede type yarn it would look really cool.

  3. Dianna says:

    Those happen to be the accessories to with the bag. The bag itself is very nice looking. To be fair, show the whole set.

    But, in all honesty, I think that the matching items are a bit “overkill” with the big beads. They work on the purse/bag. At least in my opinion

  4. Haffizerd says:

    The projects are nice but the problem I see is with that water bottle. Wiil I be drinking water or beads. I may have to use a straw to drink my water if I don’t want to eat beads in the process.

  5. enid says:

    I just saw this posting on CP. This isn’t a pattern I saved. Somehow, like my son, Danny, would say, “This is wrong!” The “wrong” part is, I agree, the large beads. Also the color. Smaller and darker beads, maybe wooden or bone. And no beads for the water bottle holder. For that matter, no fringe, either. It sort of makes me think that it grew there…. :o)

  6. Cathy says:

    My first thought wasn’t “Gosh, that’s ugly” but “Do I actually need a water bottle cozy?”

    My second thought was, “Gosh, that’s ugly.”

    So it’s ugly and pointless. Double points!

    (and with most of those Patterns Of The Day, I understood immediately why Annie stuck them in the attic. I think out of the whole year so far I’ve saved less than ten.)

  7. severina says:

    So I’m jogging right, and I go and take a sip from my water bottle and wham! I totally get it right in the teeth with a half pound of beads.

    But I could see using the little one with the long strap as a primitive type of sling-weapon.

  8. Jeanene says:

    You know that hair style with all the small braids with beads at the end? That was what I thought of when I saw this….set.

  9. Kim says:

    I suppose the dentists like it……lots of broken teeth. Gosh is that ugly. And yes, pointless. What people think up is beyond me. Indeed, there’s no wonder it was only available one day!

  10. Teresa says:

    Hey, I have made tons of these bags and sold a few too to friends and at craft sales. People loved them!! This really hurts… is a fun pattern to make and the beads really don’t hit you at all. The water bottle bag is what I have made alot of, and it helps keep your water cold and from being “sweaty.” You can get really creative with it and make it your favorite color etc.. Bags are still “in” so why not have one for your water bottle too??

  11. coralie says:

    i’ve seen that water bottle cover in real life & it’s actually pretty cool looking. having seen it in real life, though, i can say with confidence that a pda pouch & cell phone bag would definitely be overkill done like that.

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