Feline Monitor Perch

LMAO! First of all, the name?? What is that? Feline Monitor Perch…hmmmm, say it again…Feline Monitor Perch….just how *exactly* do you crochet a "perch"? And why not just say a cat instead of a feline?? Fancy words does not make it better! LOL

Ah well, anything to sell a bit of yarn and to have a "pattern of the day"….LOL  Annie's Attic has outdone themselves once again!

Thanks to Daenna & Tricia for pointing this one out!


  1. severina says:

    I got enough cat hair crammed down the vents of my monitor, thank you very much.

    Just imagine the stalagtites of cat vomit dribbling down your computer screen! No way in hell would I want my cat poised like a gargoyle in the perfect position to heave a wet hairball right across my keyboard.

  2. HydraFemme says:

    Yeah! (First post dance, first post dance!)

    Woo-hoo! Well, MY question is, what’s the foundation for it? Is it part of the kit, or is it purchased seperately?

    I can see that at MY house. . .

  3. susan says:

    I spend all my time persuading one of my cats NOT to come near the PC… no WAY am I encouraging them by making that object. What a waste of time and perfectly good yarn… mind you this is from a woman who spent a whole day last week knitting a guinea pig!

  4. Daenna says:

    It’s kinda sad when I’ve started to look forward to Annie’s free pattern as a daily mystery session of what not to crochet.

  5. meshaliu says:

    Like cats need perch to make sitting on the monitor attractive! My cat crawls up there with no incentive.

  6. IHateToast says:

    if you call it a cat perch, you ignore those people who have domesticated servals, tigers, lions, and pumas. of course, you have to make those perches a wee larger and try not to smell too much of meat.

  7. Jeanene says:

    Concept? OK. Location? Not on your life!

    Show me how to make on for a window where the sill is too small for the cat. Maybe then I’ll take a look.

    At least it was not made from puke green Fun Fur…

  8. crazycatlady says:

    I love it! Might keep some cat hair and dander out of the monitor vents! I want a dozen…no, TWO dozen! Yeah, I only have one computer, but I have a million or two cats. And I might never again hear the scratching sound as they slide down the back, trying to grab ahold.

  9. Tania says:

    I actually want this for my cat … not because I find it particularly attractive, but because maybe she’ll have something to hold onto instead of rolling over and sliding off the front of the monitor onto my keyboard.

  10. Teresa says:

    My cat can’t even get on top of the monitor. Partly cause of a nice little shelf on my computer desk, and mostly because of sheer laziness on his part.

  11. Laurie says:

    All these bulky monitors are going to wear out in a couple of years and people will be upgrading to flat screens. What are you supposed to do with the perch then?

  12. Crafty Nature says:

    Oh I can see how this one makes sense. My cat loves to lay on anything I crochet because my scent is in the yarn and he feels closer to me when sleeping on it. he also loves to sit on top of the monitor and watch me type. its a cat thing I guess.

  13. Crocherine says:

    At first glance I thought it was a veterinary accessory: you put it on the scales so the cat chooses to climb onto them to be weighed… So much less stressful than being bundled into a pillowcase and hung from a spring-balance. Isn’t that what your vet does? Oh, perhaps I’m not going to a very progressive vet… I know, I’ll crochet one for the surgery- -it’ll use up that eyelash yarn I got from the charity shop and now don’t know what to do with!

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