Vests Made Easy

Is it just me or is that just a wee bit too much purple? And then to trim it with fun fur in purple too…including around the arms…well, why? I am quite sure this much fun fur wouldn't be "easy" to add either! How about "Vests Made Ugly"? A better title for this one for sure.

And it looks like the fun fur goes right around the bottom half of the vest too…my oh my, such a lovely addition. It may not be that bad actually without the fun fur. What do you think?

Thanks to Irina for submitting this one!


  1. HydraFemme says:

    It looks as though it would weigh a ton, even BEFORE it’s washed. And it’s large enough to take up all the room in one’s washer, and probably use half a bottle of Woolite to boot!

    Great colour, though. If you’re gonna make that much garment, I’d add sleeves. I mean, why go for half-measures? Why should your arms suffer the cold? Sleeves wouldn’t add that much more to an already gargantuan piece. . .

  2. Mum says:

    Thats alot gawd-awful. Like cutting the sleeves off a housecoat and trimming the monstrosity in fun fur with make it fashion. Yikes.

  3. Jeanene says:

    Despite not liking purple, it looks like it would not be too bad if you drop the fun fur. I mean, the collor adds an interesting dimension to it.

  4. Lisa says:

    Well – I’m not big into long sweaters anyway – but besides that I think you should either put sleeves on something or not. They’re calling it a vest, but they put cap sleeves on there.

    They should put sleeves on it, shorten it & drop the fun fur – but of course, that’s an entirely different garmet altogether since all that remains is the collar.

  5. Norma says:

    Everybody sing it:
    “And then there’s Maude! And then there’s Maude!”
    At least the fun fur hadn’t been invented in the early 1970’s!

  6. CombatGal says:

    I should make this and stash it away in case I get some horrible blemish or have the bad hair day from hell. Everybody will be so busy starring at this that they wouldn’t notice whatever I’m trying to conceal. And I usually develop some sort of nervous twitch! This would be much less work and it’s re-usable!

  7. Liz says:

    It’s a duster that one can actually use as a duster. Put it on, slide along a wall, grab a hem for the furniture – finally a use for fun fur!!!

  8. Adriane says:

    HAHAHAHA Maude!!!! OMG It looks just like something she would wear!!!
    I’d love to make this for my s-i-l and just watch her reaction as she *tries* to thank me and tell me what a *lovely gift*. This is a good “make someone uncomfortable gift”.

  9. Kat-Z says:

    Boxy vests and sensible looking shoes…a look I thought was
    truly long gone, even IF Bea still has a closet full of ‘em.

    Thanks to FUN FUR! (I’m giddy just writing the very name), we can drag each and every old pattern and concept out once again,including sweatshirts,
    [ and prove that “everything old is new again”…but it doesn’t mean that they don’t suck!

  10. Maryann says:

    I’m going on record saying that this is the fuggliest pattern on WNTC published in true earnest (not, for instance as a novelty, joke or, like the infamous Couch Dress, hoax.)

    That is really something.

    I do rather like the color, though. I’m down with the purple.

  11. timethief says:

    Dear Maude,

    You certainly are a woman of excellent *taste*. I haven’t had the time to either knit or crochet since I took up blogging. However, I do like your blog and I do drop in from time to time and I always leave laughing. (bless ya)

    azulita said:That would look totally rad on an aging rockstar wearing spandex!

    Granted, but I would add this provisio: if and only if “he” was in drag and appearing on a club stage.

    And as for Adriane who said: HAHAHAHA Maude!!!! OMG It looks just like something she would wear!!!
    I’d love to make this for my s-i-l and just watch her reaction as she *tries* to thank me and tell me what a *lovely gift*. This is a good “make someone uncomfortable gift”.

    Thanks for the exquisite idea. I happen to know just the little *cat* to *gift* with a horror like this. I’m thinking lime green.

    Keep your girls ^^ up ladies and keep on hooking and blogging.


  12. ladygillian says:

    I just have to say, this is pretty darned good for Annie. I used to live “just down the road” from Annies’ and believe me-there are some ladies “back in them thar woods ‘atbe whistlin’ through the gap in thar front teeth at that thar purply beauty.”
    BAh-hahahahahahahahahahaha! Crap! I’m soooo glad to finally find a safe place to share with fellow scoffers.

  13. eldorado says:

    Wow, I’ve been searching high and low for a pattern that makes me look even fatter than I actually am! The fun fur, the thick yarn, the purple – I’m practically soiling myself from excitement.

  14. Hot&CoolMom says:

    Whatnot — I agree with you and others. Lose the Fun Fur and it might not be bad. And I like the idea of sleeves, too. But then, after those modifications, it wouldn’t rate a place on this site!! What a bunch of kiljoys we are!

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