Diagonal Illusion Vest

Quick, look away….this vest really is NOT as chunky as it looks and the colour combination really isn't that hideous! If you were wondering what the "diagonal optical illusion" was in this vest…I just told you! Is it just me or does the mannequin look 50 lbs heavier with this thing on? Maybe that's why the designer couldn't get a live model to show it – she didn't want to look that HUGE!

Funny thing though – it could almost be a likeable vest – if only it were in the right colours and had the right waist shaping. So close but yet so far.


  1. buttercup says:

    if you can stand to-look at the left side of the vest and you CAN see a diagonal thing going on… kinda like when you look through a screen.

    gads that thing is ugly. fugly.

  2. Maryann says:

    Urg. Is that intended for a woman? Urg, urg, urg! Ugly for a man. Fugly for a woman.

    You know what’s funny? It looks very professional. But like one of those things you would see on a clearance rack at an after-market discount store, with one shoulder off the hanger, dragging on the floor, dirty, all stretched out and missing a couple of buttons.

    That’s the measure of a really bad fug. If you can get something strikingly similar marked down from $30 to $0.99 in a bargain bin, it’s reached Fug Nirvana, the highest level of Fugdom.

  3. CombatGal says:

    These comments are so funny, but I see what Buttercup means that if you stare at it a certain way, you can see the diagonal thing. Well, I’m off to try to uncross my eyes. Could’ve been worse……could’ve induced a seizure. God I love this blog!!!

  4. Leisel says:

    I keep seeing these attempts at “illusion crochet”, where they try to immitate the look of shadow knitting. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work. The “illusion” is too evident from any angle for it to have the same neat effect of shadow knitting.

    If you’ve never seen shadow knitting, you can see an example here:


    That said, the designer of this vest desperately needs to learn two words:


  5. irina says:

    i think its a hunting vest for woman……extra thick in case you get shot and the “design” to confuse the animals so they under your hypnotic spell

  6. Liz says:

    First thing that came to my mind was that it reminded me of the space shuttles launching for some reason (but I think it might not be appreciated by NASA). I agree that with proper waist shaping and better colors it would be much nicer.

  7. timethief says:

    I’m coming from where hydrafemme is coming from butIMHO irina’s comment takes the prize this time. And, the prize should be (drumroll – followed by a chorus of women’s voices)… No, no – not the vest, anything but grandpa’s vest! (I’m still chuckling.)Keep up the good work finding that bad stuff Maude. ^^ tt

  8. Marilu says:

    There’s always an exception to every rule, and this jazzy lil’ migraine inducer blows the rule about
    the slimming effect of vertical stripes…forever more!

  9. Jaqui says:

    HydraFemme, thanks for making me spit coffee out my nose :-)
    You’re absolutely right, though. Add some Sansabelt pants and white tassled loafers…and oh jeez, can’t you just smell the gently wafting aroma of mothballs?

  10. Nan-Nan says:

    Hey everyone, it could have been done in shades of red, orange,& yellow or pink, brown & green. I mean, just picture it….

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