Beaded Crochet Cap

On one hand this “cap” is not that bad and on the other hand, just how heavy would it be with all those beads? It’s advertised as an “adventure to make and wear”…ya, I’m sure…you’d be busy looking at your toes to make sure it doesn’t slide right off the back of your head! And just what occasion would you wear this for and with what type of outfit?

It looks like a lot of intricate work to create this thing too as it includes crochet thread in the kit. May as well just keep on going and make it into a doily large enough to fit on a table – probably a more appropriate place for this type of crochet.


  1. susan says:

    The only place that I can see this getting an airing would be as a costume component at either a] my bellydance class or b] a renaissance fair

  2. HydraFemme says:

    Maybe some half-Goth/half-Bohemian chick might go for it. She’d have to use a truckload of bobby pins, though!

  3. timethief says:

    I agree that “it” has all the characteristics of a lampshade but obviously its inventor lacked the brillance of a burned out lighbulb. How else can one explain her forgetting both the frame and the lining?
    ^^ tt

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s actually not all that bad — though I can’t imagine wanting to make it because I could never standing beading crochet. You would wear it with a black evening gown (and grey hair — not for the teens), a small beaded bag, and a couple of hidden bobby pins to keep it in place.

  5. Maryann says:

    It’s too bad. It’s really pretty, but you’re right, very impractical, and wouldn’t work on everyone – including the woman modeling it.

    I think modifying the design into a lined draw-string evening bag would be great, though. So if you know what you’re doing, the pattern could have it’s place.

  6. Maryann says:

    Anonymous, I disagree completely. This cap on this woman, to me, screams “HEY! LOOK! I’m an OLD LADY wearing something I made MYSELF!”

    For me, it would *only* work on a young woman. On an older woman… it’s just grandma-playing-dress-up. Older women need brims – caps and beanies are very unflattering, in my opinion.

  7. Connie H says:

    One of the few times that I =won’t= vigorously agree with you — I’ve seen similar caps done in “chain mail” at Renn faires and SF conventions, and they can look very fetching indeed with the right outfit. And if balanced right, they stay on pretty well!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Orange Swan says:

    So cool! But unfortunately not wearable in daily life. You’d have to save this for when you dress up as Juliet.

  9. astrandintheweb says:

    Once when I was eating breakfast in a tiny restaurant in a tourist destination, a whole family came in wearing these! (Or something similar). They all sat down to eat, didn’t seem to think there was anything funny about it at all. Unfortunately they sat behind me, so I could not really monitor it, but it was very odd. Noone seemed to be laughing. At the same time, though, based on what I could surmise about them, I think they must’ve bought them and been wearing them as some kind of vacation fun game. I never did figure that one out…

  10. Pat says:

    I like this one, and I would wear it, and I am OLD. I have made snoods that I wore to work instead of hairnets, this reminds me of an elegant snood. It really would look great at a rennaissance fair, very Shakespearian, and the Juliette style wedding would be perfect for this cap. I also like the purse idea . After all aren’t patterns just jumping off points for us to express our own individuality, a way to see outside the box and use our imagination?

  11. Sarah says:

    I bought a hat a lot like this at a fair last summer, except that mine is larger and has fringe hanging down, short in the front like bangs, long in the back. Well, beaded fringe. And I don’t think it’s crochet, just beaded. I actually wear it places, but then I’m in college and I’m a theatre major, so maybe regular people with jobs and stuff wouldn’t.

  12. Janice says:

    I agree that little cap would be darling at a Society for Creative Anachronism function, a Renaissance fair, or a production of Romeo and Juliet, preferably with smaller beads, but I can’t imagine ANYBODY wearing it anywhere else for any reason.

  13. Hot&CoolMom says:

    I love it! But I don’t see it on someone with gray hair. A Winona Ryder type, at a party, with a Renaissance-style dress. Otherwise, on stage, as Juliet.

  14. Vicky says:

    I’ think it’s a wonderful cap. I would wear it and it would feel fun. My grand-daughters would wear it and feel like princess’es. I would recomend it as a cap for all ages. After all its great to have fun, and most girls would love to be a princesss! Live, and Laugh.

  15. Linda says:

    Would definitely need the right occasion. My first thought was religious head wear with flair, and my next thought was that it would look great on Cher along with one of Bob Mackey’s costumes! Or the Academy Awards. If I had the money to buy glitzy gowns for fancy-schmancy affairs, I would wear it as an accessory. But then again, I like beadwork of all kinds.

  16. Bina says:

    I wear one all the time because I’m orthodox and married although mine completely covers my hair. I live in Israel and this is totally accepted. I want to make my own crochet net snoods but cant find a pattern anywere. I cant believe there is not one one the internet any links? please reply!

  17. frogrockr says:

    Its actually one those really pretty things that I’d make then not have the guts to wear. My mother who spat her tea over my keyboard at some of these designs actually liked this one!

  18. Jeanne says:

    I have been searching for a hat like this one. Have you seen Armani’s 2008 Spring Collection??? Many of his models are wearing these hats with his flowing silk outfits and I think they are stunning. I am looking for this type for my wedding in June.

  19. Metalhaid says:

    This is my first visit to this site…but definitely will *NOT* be my last. I don’t even know how I got here. I haven’t stopped laughing since my first click. I feel a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole…must have been that hypnotizing bathing suit with the pointy bits. As for this gem, all I can say is, “What light through yonder window breaks?” I shudder to think of what she’s made for Romeo to wear…that crocheted male thong, perhaps? 8-0

  20. Bev Davis says:

    I agree with Pat. I think it is pretty and could have it’s uses. Don’t down us “old ladies” because you’ll be one soon enough. Aren’t young women showing off things they are artistic enough to make themselves. Why limit it to young women? Of course, I have to say that I live in Santa Cruz County, CA… We appreciate our artistic freedom here.

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