Ripped Jeans Jacket Kit

I *almost* thought this was cute until I looked closer and saw those tassle thingies hanging off the bottom and also looked a wee bit closer at the variegated colour combo – yikes! Not sure why there are so many little holes through it either – double crochets sometimes just don’t work – sure, it’s faster but come on!

The model scares me too… is that a she or a he-she? Her colour is off too – I guess you could blame the photographer and the person who edits the photos but geez, get a grip on colour – you surely can’t blame the monitor settings.

And guess how much this kit is? $109.99…enough to choke and gag you – it needs 20 balls of yarn!


  1. MoonShine says:

    This one is a real stinker… look at the model’s face. She is one click of the camera away from a wrinkled nose! For me, variegated yarn and tassels are often warning signs… things used to distract the buyer from a poor design.

  2. Leisel says:

    I am a big fan of crochet, but it’s use in clothing really is limited in comparison to knintting. This item really highlights it, too. Crochet tends to create a thicker fabric than knitting does, so it’s even more susceptible to looking clunky when using heavier weight yarns (not that I’m a big fan of knitted garments that use chunky yarns, either).

    Since crochet packs more yardage into the same area than knitting does, I really have to wonder how outrageously heavy this jacket would be. I don’t think it would be particularly comfortable to wear.

    Without a link I can’t check it out, but I’m going to bet that on top of everything else, it’s probably a cheap acrylic (I’m not knocking all acrylics… there are some very nice ones out there… I doubt this is one of them) that they’re trying to foist off on you for that $109.99

  3. WildCatDancer says:

    Um, honey? That was your plastic surgeon. I’m afraid your face was just recalled as being inhuman. Here, just wrap this rug around you and pull the ends up over your face if you meet someone. Better hurry, I think it’s starting to melt…

    Maybe she had freckles, and the airbrush guy got carried away. Spooky.

  4. Kat-Z says:

    One Hundred and Nine DOLLARS?

    Well, one NEVER regrets money well spent on the classics.

    After all, it IS the perfect fashion investment. “classic, neutral, goes anywhere,
    combines with anything in your wardrobe.” Somewhat “Jackie O”.


    Sorry, I was confused again. ;) for that kind of money, you expect something
    more like the above description, and less like something which couldn’t decide
    whether to be an Annie Oakley fringed fun jacket…..missing THAT mark by a mile
    with the varigated and eye dazzling yarn! Why not a FUN fur hood to go along?

    I notice that the more attrocious patterns get, the less likely they are to be free of
    charge. Is this a psychological ploy to make us value them more somehow?

    I looked at LionBrand the other night and was amazed how many of the free patterns
    had given way to these great package deals.

  5. severina says:

    Varigated yarn is just a crime against nature. That yarn looks like something I bought to make an afghan before I knew just how horribly horribly wrong it all was.

    I was 13, OK!

  6. kataloca says:

    I personally have no problem with using varigated yarn…..
    AS LONG AS IT’s FOR AN AFGHAN…..wearing it just makes the model look huge. The only wearable that has a chance at looking ok with varigated is a scarf.

  7. Maryann says:

    Well, I wouldn’t wear it, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s just kind of frumpy-dumpy. If it were pink, my wicked step-mother would wear it.

  8. flitterskittish says:

    Tip for severina and kataloca: variegated yarn is more figure-flattering when the body of the garment is knit or crocheted side-to-side. This gives you vertical stripes without the bother of color changes and extra ends to weave in.
    That said, the fabric of that coat looks a quarter-inch thick. Why is she wearing it on a bright-green day while exericising?

  9. crochethooked says:

    Totally TOTALLY not worth it
    if you wanna make something like that
    get rid of the tassels and get that 1lb skein of yarn at the stores… :P

  10. criss says:

    Wow, I was having fun going through the archives here till I got to this. Trans-phobia is not cool. Who cares what this model has in her pants? Unless she offered to sleep with you, it’s none of your business.

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