What Not to Knit

For all those who like to look at fug knits, we’ve created a sister site to What Not to Crochet in an effort to keep the fug going despite You Knit What?? closing their doors.

Please visit our “work in progress” at the following link:


We don’t expect to be anywhere near as funny as the girls at YKW but we’ll do our best to keep bringing the fug!

Here’s the button if you want it (please save and upload to your own bandwith – thanks!):


  1. Maryann says:

    Excellent! I’m a crocheter but YKN and WNTC have been my favorite blogs for a while. Knittykitty was the best commentator like… ever… but if someone is going to pick up the slack, I’m glad it’s you!

  2. Atomic Flamingo says:

    The sock monkey prom dress is worth a web site of its own – preferable on antoher planet. WHAT WERE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?!?!?!

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