1. devil says:

    So, you take a basic black crocheted purse. Then you throw up on it. While it’s still sticky, you take it to Chuck E. Cheese’s and set it down in every disgusting corner and in the bathrooms. Whatever latches on to it is “embellishment”.

    This is really gross.

  2. Maryann says:

    You know, free form crochet can be really impressive if done by a genuine artist. You know. With some taste.

    And here we have exibit B. Crocheter who is *not* an artist deciding that they are and just letting loose their imaginary creativity.

  3. Pansy says:

    Well, after following the coroner around for a week — you know, getting to know what makes him tick, what he likes, find out if he sees the world differently than we do — I’ve summed up what I’ve learned in purse form! I’ve chosen the free-form form cuz, you know, as a coroner, you never know what you may come up against. One day it’s a murder/suicide, another it’s a 12-day old who-knows-what. It’s all a rich tapestry. ‘Cept I didn’t choose tapestry, I chose crochet.

  4. BenPanced says:

    Here’s the pattern in its entirety:

    1) Close your eyes and turn out all the lights.
    2) Pick up a hook.
    3) Pick up some yarn.
    4) Crochet at random, changing colors/gauge/hook/stitch every two to 75 stitches or so. Stop whenever it looks like a purse.
    5) Wad it up and glue it together at various stress points.
    6) Attach a belt for a shoulder strap.
    7) Fill purse with rocks to throw at your detractors. What the hell do they know about art?

  5. Linda says:

    I can’t believe that people really need a pattern for this. And that people really spend time writting them. The name freeform suggests doing it without one. Having said that, I did buy one on clearance sale for the motif patterns in it. But hopefully I’ll have better taste than this. And I love motifs.

  6. CombatGal says:

    Looks like someone with glue all over his/her hands fingered that nice crocheted purse. Now every piece of crap in the room has stuck to it.

  7. MoonShine says:

    Have you seen the commercial where the clog is blown out of the drain and ends up on someone’s dinner table in France? I think the French may be getting even with us… they have re-purposed the clog and returned it to American soil!

  8. Jodi says:

    Don’t make a blanket statement like this when you’ve only seen one example of freeform. Not all freeform is appealing to everyone just like not all crochet or knitted items are appealing to everyone. I wouldn’t say that knitting or crochet should be banned just because I’ve seen some items I didn’t like or wouldn’t make.

  9. Hot&CoolMom says:

    I’ve seen a lot of freeform, and frankly, I wouldn’t admit to having done any of it, even that done by the “artists” and I respect the non-freeform work of some of those people. But then, I don’t like abstract “art” either.

  10. preeety says:

    ok, so it’s a bit ugly (notice my attempt at being nice- no wonder I keep it locked up) but c’mon, maybe the person who did it, the person who photographed it, the person who chose it to be shown, the person who chose it for the magazine, the person who chose it for the cover, the person who actually did the cover, and all the people who printed it where either colour blind or fully blind… who knows.
    Besides, who are we to judge (notice the nice thing again- I just got lucky, am in a good mood, afterglow and all… gimme a break) other people’s creativity attempts? Picasso got away with it, didn’t he?

  11. Linda says:

    Ladies, you can get the same look in much less time. Simply spray any purse with spray adhesive, toss into the miscellaneous bin at your local thrift shop, and drag the purse back and forth until it is covered with everything that that is totally useless, and therefore ended up in the miscellaneous bin.

  12. gwen-san Jacinto,calif says:

    Oh my goodness!!!
    I never new creative people could be so cruel with words.
    You art may not be my art, but lets not be so hard on anothers idea of beauty.

  13. Karin says:

    I love free from crochet and anyone who has seen any of Prudence Mapstone’s work can’t help but fall in love with it, however, this leaflet and cover project doesn’t endear me to the craft.

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