1. HydraFemme says:

    Just the thing to do when you first learn how to do a granny-square stitch, but you just aren’t ready to commit yourself to doing enough of it for an afghan. . .

  2. Maryann says:

    Well I’m not nuts about it, but you’re really fishing here, in my opinion. I saw a whole pattern book full of worse than this at Wal-Mart the other day. It’s just… too old-fashioned for the chick holding it, basically.

    Who cares?

  3. Vera says:

    I think that you are wrong. This bag is not bad .I would wear that.I respect your thinking about your other postings ,but this is something that I like.

  4. chshrecat1 says:

    At least the large square bulls-eye purse draws attention from the fuzzy-toilet-seat-cover vest…but then again, how seriously are we supposed to take someone wearing granny squares and camo pants?!?

  5. Smiles says:

    I really quite like the idea. It’s quirky, it’s somewhat different, and I’m definitely not one who is “funky” or anything like that.

    And it reminds me of pillows my grandma had in her house before she passed away, and I wasn’t able to take with me. Sentimentality, I know… :)

  6. Kate says:

    I don’t think I’ve commented on here before, but I’ve been reading your site for quite a while :-)

    I actually like this piece quite a bit. I would do it in subtle colors…I think it’d look really great in all-black, or maybe black with an ivory or pink accent. But I do agree that the model is waaay off-base. :-P

    Michael’s has a new batch of deliciously-hideous patterns out, too.

  7. Pansy says:

    She’s wearing an urban commando outfit and carrying what appears to be a purse she snatched from a little old lady. There’s a reason they’re called “granny squares”.

  8. iSiSfae says:

    i actually like this… and probably have the pattern somewhere
    the colors are a bit 1970s icky… but it’s still cute!

    do you get the lion brand newsletter? b/c there are some gems in the newest one.

  9. devil says:

    The granny bag is the least offensive part of her outfit. Her vest would be better used to wax the car. Those pants should be banned. And I’ve always hated when women wear their glasses on top of their heads. This is an attractive woman who just looks awful (and about ready to kill someone, but who can blame her?).

    Yeah, give the purse to someone wearing better clothes.

  10. Mazell Stafford says:

    Who needs a pattern to make a granny square? Anyway they are for afghans. I’ve just never liked them made into anything else (except maybe done in thread for a dresser scarf or antimaccasers & who uses them anymore?)

  11. Waponswa says:

    The problem is that it is not funky enough. it should have been made in radioactive colors, as previously suggested, or in black and white with red handles, or something harmonious like the spectrum or analogous colors. I’d tote it with a color makeover.

  12. SweaterGrrrl says:

    The bag may be cute in different colors or even in only one color. I don’t think the bag is bad, but the styling makes it look like she’s dressed for a “Back to the Future” costume party.

  13. Catty says:

    Those durned teenagers! (and the older people who
    design for them).

    I’ve always loved retro, but this return to the very
    WORST of the sixties and seventies has GOT to stop.

    The very reason I didn’t start to crochet until recently was the trauma of seeing so many damned granny squares,and avocado,burnt orange,and brown ripple sofa ‘ghans. I was under the impression that was all one could make with a hook and yarn.

  14. Minky says:

    I would make the bag too with lotsa diff. colours and solids too. But again this item don’t need a model to promode it. Get the bag loose the girl.

  15. Vera says:

    I haven’t made a granny square in a while, so I started on the bag yesterday. I’m using blues and berries, and I think it will be cute.

  16. Lisa E says:

    Okay, I LOVE your blog and have been cracking up all morning as I sit here with my coffee and read it.

    But I quite like the granny square bag and am considering making one. It is retro and funky which is really popular here on the west coast (lots of hippies).

    To each his own I guess. But I love your blog! Lisa

  17. Smitty says:

    I’m 40 and wear camo pants because they’re comfy. Would not however wear that vest. Bag would be much better in real colors.

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