1. Maryann says:

    The model is standing all crooked. I think she must be trying not to crumple under the weight of that strange, woolly animal swallowing her body.

    Seriously… WHAT THE HELL? Is this for real? Is there really a pattern for this? It looks like terrible free-form crochet. This should not have been made! It should not be worn by a human being! It’s not fit for use!

    It’s… a MEGA-FUG!

  2. Tami says:


    What the hell is that!? It looks like a bunch of random mismatched scarves sewn together to not quite form a poncho? Jacket? Death Shroud?

  3. Leisel says:

    I just wanna know… is this a single item, or is she wearing a whole bunch of different items at the same time?

    Looks a bit to me like someone said “I can’t decide which scarf to wear. Why don’t I seam a bunch of them together randomly and wear them all at the same time?”

  4. Annie says:

    Looks like they found some ugly scarves and a pair of leg warmers and just starting draping them on the model. I’m guessing that her hand is behind her in the process of ripping this mess off of her!

  5. Kaytee says:

    A Mrs. Weasley sweater??
    Actually, she kinda looked like I do carrying my scarves from my car to the gift shop that sells them… just layered them all on any which way. Then I noticed that they were all seamed together…. Might be OK in a lighter weight fiber, with less color contrast, and fitted a bit. She looks like a size 2 wearing a 2X…..


  6. lolarusa says:

    I think it’s really, really lovely. Everything a girl wants in a…..sweater?…..too big, itchy sleeves, full of holes, apt to get caught in the spokes of passing bicycles. Dreamy.

  7. iSiSfae says:

    this is scrap busting gone wrong!!!! and free-forming gone wrong! what is it with free-formers and their passion to make such fugly stuff! i design with scrap from time to time, but at least you can tell what the FO is!!! this… omg what is it? is it a jacket? a wrap? wow… what a waste of yarn.

    and her hair is bad too… not as bad as the crocheted thing she’s wearing, but pretty bad

    btw: i LOVE the new layout! very cool!

  8. Jeanie says:

    See the sleeves.. It’s OBVIOUSLY a sweater. Or a poncho. Oh well it doesn’t matter, I won’t be making it. Or will I? I could stand to make a few enemies.

  9. AJ says:

    Sadly, I have the book that this came from. It’s decribed as a poncho sweater and is made of different length strips sewed together. There are absolutely NO redeeming factors to this pattern unless you want to use just one strip pattern for a scarf.

  10. Catty says:

    AJ, thank you for the distressing news that this came
    from a BOOK. Anyone who has had a pattern turned down
    should locate this company pronto!

    No WAY would I have thought there was a PATTERN for this!

    I thought she’d mistaken lot numbers for expiration dates, went stash busting, and was wearing the various
    and hideous results of many scumbles gone awry.

  11. Anonymous says:

    1. how does one get into this umm garment? it’s pretty close around the neck and I don’t think they squeezed it over her head, if they did it was at 4am and before hair and make up, which then explains why she looks like the weight of it will crush her any second, she’s been in it for 10 hrs (probably smells real purdy no too)
    2. don’t some countries have laws about what you do when drunk?

  12. Tamara says:

    Let’s see, I have all of these scarves so weird I can’t give them away, what should I do? I know, I’ll seam them all together, add “sleeves”(-ish) and call it a sweater!!!
    I don’t think even really cold homeless people would want this fug.

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