Easy Bead-As-You-Go

Who exactly would wear this bright red thing on the front?
Doesn’t it look a bit like a doily of some kind? None of
the other designs are particularly appealing either.
This is the kind of stuff that gives crochet a bad name.


  1. PepperjackCandy says:

    I like the necklace myself. It’s all droopy and disheveled looking. I may make it in white and use it as part of a Miss Havisham costume at Halloween!

  2. HydraFemme says:

    And THAT, my dears, is exactly why they aren’t shown on living, breathing humanoids.

    Kinda puts the “MAN!!!” in mannequins, don’t it?

  3. mimi says:

    I think the bag and necklace are lovely. The red poncho is so distracting, and looks more like a tree skirt…would be pretty for the holidays ;)

  4. Janellesp says:

    OMGosh…I just found your website and love it. Although I am an AVID crocheter and have been crocheting since I was 9….I know the difference between UGLY crochet and elegant crochet and I’ll be the first to agree 100% with you…some things should NOT be crocheted!! Just this month my favorite crochet magazine featured crochet ties for men!! I would seriously have to re-think my marriage if I made one of those for my husband, I would seriously have to re-think my choice of husbands if my husband was to wear a crocheted tie!!! Thank you for the confirmation that discretion is indeed the better part of valor…especially when it comes to a beautiful needle art like crochet.
    ps> If you visit my web site, I think you will find my crochet “tasteful” (crossing fingers and closing eyes)

  5. CombatGal says:

    I know! It says, “Bead as you go”. It’s not finished yet. You wear it and then when you have free moment, you whip out the needles and work on it.

  6. Maryann says:

    One or two of these almost kind of border on okay, but I agree… that red thing looks like a rather loud Christmas table cloth. And that blue necklace; it’s a mess. You can plainly see that it’s poorly made. Why would they publish that? Especially on the cover?

  7. Trinket says:

    I like that “red thing” on the front, actually. I would love to make one of them, in fact. Obviously red was a poor color choice, but I think the design is quite lovely.

  8. G. Alvord says:

    I was delighted NOT to find any of my patterns on your website, but then I realized that they weren’t here probably because nobody had ever SEEN any of my patterns! I made quite a few submissions to Crochet! Magazine and I have a book, too – but all of them seem to have been lost in the void.

    I don’t know if I’m more pleased NOT to be here or insulted!!!???
    Ginny Alvord-Clark

  9. Norah says:

    I think the bag is OK, and maybe the tank top, and the shruglike things might be OK though not great and shrugs are kind of overdone anyway. But the Christmas tree skirt poncho thing? Why would anyone want to wear that? I agree, these kinds of things give crochet a bad name!

    Note to all knitters who see this: This is NOT what all crochet is like, and it’s ugly because it’s ugly, NOT because it’s crocheted! (Because think about it, if you wanted to you could make a red thread **knitted** poinsettia poncho/Christmas tree skirt thingy, too, and it’d be just as unwearable!!)

  10. Kitten says:

    I don’t like ponchos in general, but if I *did* like ponchos, I think I would wear that one, provided it was in a different colour. Maybe white. It’s just so WRONG in red.

  11. lisalu says:

    OMG….I saw the name of the designer on the front and I realized that I used to know that girl! (Several years ago) I thought some of the stuff she was designing back then was pretty awful, but I never said so. Now I see a whole pamphlet of apparently HORRID work and I am sad to see her taste hasn’t improved.

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