“Oinga Floinga” Hat

Does the video speak for itself? Thought so.

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in –
please don’t poke your eyes out while watching it.

P.S.:  A couple of comments already asking if this is real –
seems to be!  There are more videos of more hats where
this came from AND a custom hat will run you $1,000 US!


  1. Beth says:

    This guy is from Maine if it’s who I think it is. I grew up in that area too.

    It’s amazing how much someone can get for some crochet…

  2. isis says:

    yeah… he’s for real.

    when i first found his site when looking into free-form crochet, i couldn’t believe it either, but he’s totally for real!

    if you think this was bad… check out the rest of the site.

  3. Mimi says:

    He’s actually a cool guy, self taught – and most of his vids show various ways to wear his hats. My hat’s off to
    anyone who gets $1000 plus!

  4. greenthumb says:

    YES its real….and he makes good money when he sells one. He was also featured in a book of crochet designs recently. Some love his work others think its freaky….a little of both but hey its not as bad as some of the stuff on here. he lives in maine currently but resided in woodstock for a while and had a gallery on tinker st. its not a joke even if you want to make it one.

  5. Maryann says:

    I imagine this man thinks he’s funny. In fact this video is a pile of pseudo-creative B. S. Foolishness so utterly, inexcusably inane that a certain class of people (twits) accept it as clever because they don’t (perhaps can’t) comprehend real, meaningful creativity.

    To anyone who found this funny or interesting in any way, allow me to say I am glad I do not know you personally.

    That wasn’t funny. It was a pathetic, nauseating plea for attention (primarily in the hope that drooling morons, their attentions caught, will spend ridiculous amounts of money in return for pointless garbage.)

    The one and only upside I see in the existence of this video or website is that at least, at *least*, anyone who would let this moron sucker them out of a thousand dollars deserves to be suckered out of a thousand dollars.

  6. Ute says:

    The video is … um … strange. But I visited his website and I must admit, I like those hats. I bookmarked the site, I might steal an idea … or two.

  7. Robin says:

    well, I don’t know that anybody can top this one. This might be the hallmark to measure all “What Not To Crochet” images from now on.
    a thousand for a hat? *wow* Now if I could sell a thousand dollar hat to Catherine Zeta-Jones (she supposedly spends $400 bucks to have her hair washed with caviar), hmmmm – yarn shop, here I come!

  8. Just Passing Through says:

    I echo Veronika — the guy was indeed a cutie pie.

    Which just goes to show, if the person demonstrating something, anything, is anywhere near remotely attractive, people will buy what they are selling – at any price they are selling it at.

    Reminded me of a show I saw once about Rock star daughters. Frank Zappa’s youngest was showing some crochet hats and shawls she makes and sells that people out in Hollywood seemed to want by the dozens too. Frankly, hers were crooked, you could see her attachment knots on the outside, and her scale and gauge were hideously off, but they were in demand because they were made by an extension of somebody famous – and cute.

    So there ya go!

  9. Michelle B says:

    I thought his HAIR was dyed orange until he took off the damned thing.
    What on earth is wrong with this dude?
    Kudos for creativity and all, but, really, dude, just say no.

  10. Michelle K. says:

    My reaction is “Um, OK”. That was probably the stragest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Funny – no, weird – definately, certifyable – absolutely.

  11. Michele L. K. says:

    My kids would seriously wear that hat. The pure ugliness of it would get them and the versatility would keep them wearing it. Hey, I didn’t say they had good taste, just that they would wear it.

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