Neck Tab Button Vest

Why would anyone want to wear a shapeless
square in some hideous colors and then button
it at the top and pretend it’s a “vest”?


  1. ilanna says:

    Especially one that isn’t even across the bottom. (i hate lopsided things like that… it offends my OCD :)

    but I agree – pinkish beige and green??? and why would you want to button something across your neck in the summer?

    lovely find – (same with the dog poncho… poor dog.)

  2. Reene says:

    Helloo, has somebody not heard of “blocking” or is the poor model telling herself, ” I must go to medical school, I must go to medical school, this pays for medical school, eyes on the prize, well, at least I didn’t pose in one of those “show your nipples tube tops'”

  3. Atomgirl says:

    The fronts are of different guage, probably by two different crocheters to meet the pattern deadline. Notice how the arm hole on the right is gaping more than the left. The front panels are different sizes.
    I would modify this into more open work or mesh for the summer and ditch the collar. Picot edging would uber femme it. It would be workable into something else.

  4. kittything says:

    now, it goes without saying that this is an awful garment…. but if you are going to sell an awful (and unevenly stitched) garment, at least make sure that the model’s skin, the background, and the garment aren’t all the same color. ick.

  5. Tami says:

    This is a poor execution (key word!) of a simple design… Mabye this would be better in thread crochet – you know, scaled down for Barbie (really, just a practice piece). Of course, if you check out the published colors for the yarn they used for this (I was curious…and bored), this sweater vest-y thing does not match the swatches at all. The colors are more vibrant on their yarn page. (I still wouldn’t combine them to make this though…)

  6. CombatGal says:

    I really think they arranged her hair to one side so they could (try to) hide the part of the collar that doesn’t lay right.

  7. Sam says:

    I think it’s funny that her hair is just as lopsided as the sweater. Her curls are parted on her left which mirrors the way the sweater looks bigger and longer on her left side.

  8. Elena says:

    It looks like one of her shoulders is slightly higher than the other…the right one. Maybe it isn’t the sweater’s fault at all!

  9. lisalu says:

    I would never make or wear this pattern. But it is not by any means the worst thing I’ve seen. It isn’t that bad/it isn’t that great. It certainly isn’t nearly as tacky as many of the other projects I’ve seen on this site.

  10. RandaL says:

    Hmm… I could totally see myself wearing this. I would think that with a skinny pair of jeans and a tight fitting tank top underneath and the right pair of heels it would look super cute… but then again, I live in NYC and you can pretty much get away with wearing anything here.

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