Pity the poor child…

Another coulrophobe in the making

who receives THIS from grandma!

firesheep here… didn’t even need to purchase the magazine to find fuggage, the blow-in subscription card simply landed at my feet when I picked it up!

l00kie what the universe offered up! a fugly DEAD clown! (is that why so many people fear clowns?!? because they look like the undead.?… i’ve never understood it myself – but i honor and respect all phobias, regardless.)

btw, please, don’t send me any crocheted spiders – k? =;)

~yours in arachnophobia (and fugliness), firesheep67 (new contributer to what not to crochet, AND what not to knit)


  1. problem girl says:

    I have a great aunt who brings things like that to every baby shower that she goes to. I don’t know a single person who actually likes them but she seems to get such joy out of making and giving them. We all just smile nicely at the gift and then try to quickly move on to more pleasent, less horrifying thoughts.

  2. Maryann says:

    Totally disagree. This reminds me strongly of my favorite two dolls as a child. They were made for me (sewn, not crochet’d) by my great-grandmother. I’ve never made something like this and don’t think I ever would. But I loved those little clown dolls and still have them.

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