1. Brandy says:

    What’s with the metal thingy? A plastic skirt underneath? Is the top lined or not? The answers to these questions and more… will never be known. :P

  2. Megan Sheard says:

    The top part almost works – the gathering is nice but what’s with the gold thing? It has the overall effect of confusing you about the actual location of her breast.

  3. Lunar Dianne says:

    *whines* “But Mom! I WANNA dress up as a slinky, slutty, Xena-type Princess warrior! All the other girls are doing it, and it’s expected of me!”

    *Mom, quite miffed* “The only way you’re wearing that gold getup is if you wear my hippy wedding dress on top of it!”

    *snatches “hippy wedding dress”* “Fine! But I’m still gonna find a way to show of my boobs!”

    *mom shakes her head* “Only if you can find them dear…”

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