Some people just never learn

Everyone remembers Bjork as the crazy lady that went to the Oscars wearing a dress that looked like a swan draped on her body. She should have been shot for that.

Does this crazy lady actually have fans? Fans that appreciate THIS?


Bjork must stand there in all this hideous crochet glory.


Is Bjork trying to shoot at people with her crocheted arm extensions? What is this? How are these pictures/crochet.wear done on purpose???

It gets WORSE!!


Oh my. There are no words for this. Why is she posing like that? is she trying to poop while using the stick for leverage?

My personal favorite:


Is she trying to throw crochet fireflames? Wait…she’s trying to dance while her arms are on fire w/ crocheted flames. right? Felted flames? WTF??



I hope she didn’t waste good quality yarn for these horrific things. Let’s just all pray she used RedHeart or something. :)

I did not find these in Bjork’s hidden stash of pictures-that-shall-never-be-seen-EVER.


These are on her website, for everyone to see and marvel at. —> click on “2007” to see the rest.

Now I must burn out the section of my brain that saw all this. :)



  1. Robin says:

    Bjork, well… .either you like her or hate her. It’s the same with her music. I agree, I wouldn’t wear this stuff, but at least she’s having fun with it. Plus it’s not the dresded fur, so that should be a plus. How much weirder would it be in fur?
    (now that your retinas have exploded from pondering that, I will go back to my home planet;))

  2. Lara900 says:

    I love the inventiveness of Bjork on all things: music (real innovation there), clothes

    and these photos are high quality, and I really like composition, inventiveness.

    After all she’s not trying to sell these to anyone.

  3. lisalu says:

    Actually, I don’t find this stuff really offensive. It is off-the-wall in a Mardi Gras kind of way. It isn’t meant to be taken “seriously” as in she isn’t selling the patterns for other people to make these items for every day wear. It is supposed to be “out there” and it is.

    What I find offensive is the truly hideous patterns put out there that are actually intended to be worn in public!

  4. elizgm says:

    I’m with Lara900 and lisalu on this one – Bjork’s just pure, whacked-out celebrity fun. (And she has the singing and acting talent to back it up.) I even loved her swan Oscar dress – such a great way to poke fun at the fashion pretentions of celebrities.

  5. lolarusa says:

    I never thought it would happen on WNTC, but it seems most of us like these things. I do, too. I have always admired the way Björk thumbs her nose at the fashion police. This isn’t fashion, it’s art. I even think the red pants might work as actual clothes on somebody, if not on me.

  6. Emiko says:

    I agree with everything that’s prtety much been said. I like it as an art piece, its fantastic! Its obvious you’d never wear this out in public.

    I hope.

  7. Elena says:

    As with Lisalu said, someone isn’t trying to sell those as patterns, so it’s okay in my book. And people aren’t crazy just because they wear crazy stuff. I’m pretty sure Bjork makes a point of never wearing just a T-shirt and jeans. I, for one, would be honored to crochet crazy colored fireflames for Bjork. :). (I also loved the swan dress, so I guess I deserve to be shot, too.)

    I know you guys aren’t trying to be super-politically-correct, but have some tolerance for eccentricity, will you.

  8. SB&C says:

    I think the best thing I can say about these are that they are the perfect illustration of how some pieces should be used as inspiration.

    As in :

    I’ll never make that.

    As in:
    I like that element, and that element , but now I know they never never ever should be made together.

    Its like a smorgasboard: sometimes, you’re better off with just a little bit of your favourite things, rather than try and take a bit of everything and ending up with a jumbled mess!!!!!

  9. newthingcrochet says:

    I guess it’s not bad as a piece of art but did you see the pictures on her site where the crochet flamey outfit was actually on fire? And her headpiece too???? Yikes!

  10. SweaterGrrrl says:

    She stands out in a crowd for sure, and that’s the whole point. Plus she looks completely delighted. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

  11. Georgie says:

    What a brilliant blog! And as fro Bjork… a bit like marmite…and as much as I love marmite I’m afraid Bjork is just not for me. The swan dress Oscar moment…how could we ever forget it!

  12. Godless Heathen says:

    I love Bjork’s music enough that I’m willing to overlook how utterly out there she can be. I figure that it’s some kind of performance art that’s supposed to accompany her singing in some way. Certainly she knows how to bang it out to the cheap seats, something that people who pay for concert tickets must appreciate. I just like to hear her sing, woman can belt it out like nobody’s business.

  13. Laura says:

    It’s not about you or anyone else, and it’s not about superficial beauty. I think that is the point and that is the beauty. Without minds like this, you don’t have art or music or film or literature …just critical blogs with nothing to critique.

  14. cynthia says:

    Bjork is about creativity and art. She reflects her music through herself and her pictures. very cretive and beutiful. What she wears is an art form for her, and although I agree it a horrible piece, She is beautiful and her music is as well. She is expressing her self very intelligently and awesomely! I LOVE BJORK! I don’t understand how you can take your time and write bad things about her, in that case dont even waste your time. But just like you have your freedom of speech and expression, so does she! VIVA BJORK!

  15. Anonymous says:

    oh, man. open your mind, my friend. all of these creations are for the sake of art. it’s taking ideas to the limits and not caring what other people think. i think these creations are beautiful. they look like deep sea creatures, jellyfish and anemones. the point is not to flatter the figure or impress people or wear what’s “in”. it’s about art and expression. bjork is a true goddess of expression. if you look at this art in a different way you’ll see it as just that…. art.

  16. mark says:

    Learn how to appreciate someone who pushes the boundaries in order to find something unique and revolutionary. If we had more people like you in the world we would still think that the world is flat.

  17. Julia says:

    Guys, have you missed the fact that the outfits are UGLY? Love her, hate her, whatever. I like Bjork because she’s off the wall. Sure, it’s art. Still doesn’t mean the outfits aren’t uglier than sin.

    Learn how to appreciate everything. And then learn how to laugh at life rather than getting uptight. Bjork doesn’t give two shits what some Aussie says on a blog about her crochet nonsense. And in that vein, neither should YOU.

  18. brillig says:

    I haven’t missed the point, I just disagree with your opinion that they are ugly. Would I wear them? No. Can I appreciate that they are expressive and outlandish wearable art? Yes. I find them interesting.

  19. Katy says:

    damn she’s just weird whats the big problem? she has good music so who the eff cares? you have too much time on your hands. i guess i do too but…… ha. anyhoo i dont understand why people jugge what famous people wear anyway. like she has to fit into some sort of mold.

  20. Becky says:

    Art? Really? Bjork is “out there” and “not afraid to do something different”? HA! SHE STILL LOOKS LIKE CRAP IN THESE THINGS. And pretty absurd. Not in the awesome Absurdist way, just…I think if you guys weren’t all obviously Bjork fans, you’d see how ridiculous it is, and devoid of any real cultural value.

    Seriously. If someone saw Bjork (who is beeeautiful…I guess) taking a crap in the woods and reading Jane Austen, everyone would coo over how “everybody poops” and she’s *so bold* to make a statement on it with her quintessential feminine reading material because, hey, not only is she pretty, SHE READS! AND POOPS! If Roseanne Barr (who is fat, and loud, and does not look demure or mysterious) did the same thing, the park ranger would be called in and she’d be caged.

    tl;dr version: Take an art appreciation class at the community college and you’ll see why nothing in Bjork’s “repertoire” counts as high culture. Suggested readings: Herbert Ganz.

    • Iris says:

      HA! Do you know anything about cultural value? Maybe if you took the time to listen to one interview with Bjork, all she ever talks about is her Icelandic culture. And how her music, art and fashion all reflects that.

  21. Sarah says:

    Okay… As a huge Bjork fan I don’t appreciate all the shots that get taken at her. She’s an easy target, admit it. Seriously, the swan dress comments are a little old. And she doesn’t deserve to be shot for it, it wasn’t that ugly or weird.

    As for the outfits… They were created for her by a group of performance artists that are called the Icelandic Love Corporation, as are some of the later features on this blog, I think. Personally, I think they’re great. Maybe if someone came up with a less extreme design, then it would be better. And those aren’t all one big piece, they’re several small pieces that she had to put on separately.

    She’s always been one to tweak her image and challenge people to think differently about music and fashion. She’s a visual artist as well as a musician. For her last full-length album, she wore hairpieces that were made by a sculptor named Shoplifter, and nobody jumped all over those.

  22. Iris says:

    Bjork is deeply individual and creative… she doesn’t go by anyone’s rules of what’s “normal” and therefor comes off sort of alien. Maybe you’re just too boring and closed-minded to appreciate a person like that.

    And she happens to have millions of die hard fans. How many fans do you have?

  23. Karen says:

    *GASP* I <3 Bjork! There's a difference between what not to wear on a daily basis and what to wear as an art piece, etc.. Everyone else's comments already covered everything, so I feel no need to defend further. I guess everyone has their own taste in music, crochet and art in general. That's the beauty of the human race, the defining differences between us all……

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