Diapers…errr, underwear…

I swear the blog writes itself with little to no effort…case in point:

Sexy underwear? OMG! How about crocheted diaper for adults? Check out all the variations too! Doesn’t this just inspire you to buy this pattern and get to hookin’?

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  1. Crafty Witch says:

    They look like they’re intended to compete with Lunapads underwear. Now, if I wanted to knock off Lunapads, I’d buy el cheapo flannel from Wally World and use a sewing machine. I really don’t think crochet is the right approach here.

  2. Eli says:

    the first time i saw them on ravelry i thought “Depends”. some things should just NOT be crocheted. this does not say sexy to me, it screams granny-panties.

  3. DesignVigilante says:

    Thanks for the free advertisement. If you’re going to use my photos, you might as well have a link to my website. Here you go, copyright infringement averted.

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