Some packages shouldn’t be opened…

Before you go any further, let this be fair warning that the image lurking behind the covered package is not safe for work, little one’s eyes or pretty much anywhere! Any ocular trauma that occurs is not the fault of WNTC. Now pass the brain bleach, this one has left a nasty burn on my brain that I can’t seem to get rid of!

Click at your own risk:

Many thanks to Jo, one of our readers, who sent this link in as a comment to our previous post about man thongs – we decided it was worthy of its own post!


  1. Lalena says:

    Um, if a man is going to have to wear a crocheted thong, I don’t think he should be as ‘happy’ about it as the model seemed in the ‘mesh sides’ picture. Does eye bleach come in a paste form? The regular kind isn’t helping.

  2. Magie says:

    Ok, (blink, blink, blink) I was warned…..(blink, blink) Oh, gosh! I’m going to throw up…….(running to the toilet…….)

  3. Jules says:

    I now must bleach my brain. OMG. Now must think of fluffy bunnies…fluffy bunnies….fluffy bunnies…. ah better.
    Naughty WNTC!

  4. Teresa says:

    I decided to read everyone’s comments before I would click on the picture. I’m glad I did; I’m not going to look, too afraid….

  5. Meredith says:

    Oh god. Don’t go looking for this, people. Because there is a “risque” section too and you do NOT want to see that…even less than you wanted to see this…

  6. Tina says:

    Ok I was warned and still I looked, I always was one to touch the stove when I knew it was hot. But still, I only have 1 question, well really many questions but 1 for now. Are we sure ALL of those were men? if so you’d think that they would wish that their junk was not able to fit in such a small package. But it does weed out any potential mate, if he can wear this and WANTS to wear this then he isnt mate material lol

  7. vidia says:

    You know how sometimes we find this little warning that say “DON’T OPEN” or “OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK” .This is one of those ….but we still have to see what is all about …OMG is so !!!!!!!
    No words can’t describe this ……

  8. angis1969 says:

    Okay…glad my daughter was nowhere near the computer with that as she has been asking a lot of THOSE questions at 7 years old…well, I explained a little to her, just enough to answer her questions…but if she saw this, well, when we have the GRAPHIC conversation that I am certain is to come…she would be scared to death to think of some of THOSE going in THERE?!?

    However, Mom was rather impressed…oh, not with the man thongs, heck no…but certain models did have…ummmm…nice qualifications….

    No mind bleach for me…more like fantasy fodder…

    Okay, I take that back…do I really want a man who would wear that?

  9. Erin says:

    Ha haha ha hahaha that is the funniest thing ever!!! He he he he, really that is just… ya. You know I wonder what my hubby would think if I made him one… HAHAHAHAHA

  10. karisma says:

    Um… I know I’m behind on this, but… Do some of these “thongs” seem to be more insulting than flattering? I mean, they seem kinda on the small side. I would think the idea would be to accentuate, not diminish?

    And aside from that… YARN? ITCHY! YIKES!

  11. Tisha says:

    One of the “names” said “barely there”… ummm… well…. I’m quite sure that should be the name for all of the tiny stringy things…lol… I’m gonna need to see a hog killing to get that grotestly engraved image out of my mind. I can’t imagine what was going through the mind of the sadistict creator of this “string” wear…

  12. CMitch says:

    At first I was like whatever… and then I accidentally clicked it. I feel so violated. And I feel sorry for some of those poor tiny men.

  13. Trippet says:

    Can you imagine the look on the guy’s face when he found out his was called ‘Barely There’?! I’m with Angis1969 – not a bad thing to gander at. I think it would be a hoot if a fella wore one of these for me. I’ve got my $2 bills ready!

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