1. Tamara says:

    Sorry, but “she” looks like a badly dressed drag queen to my son and I. Maybe it’s the facial expression, maybe not….
    What disturbs me about the dress is the stick-out bits randomly scattered around the front; are they anticipating new breasts?

  2. Gamma22 says:

    I will admit I immediately looked for an Adam’s apple. Not finding one, I have to assume that this unfortunate masculine-looking creature is, indeed, a woman with a REALLY bad hairdo. (And WHAT is tied behind her neck?) How drunk would one have to be to make something like this?

  3. karisma says:

    That’s SO a dude! And if it’s not, she needs to wallop the photographer and the costumer and the makeup artist WITH that outfit of doom.

  4. Amy says:

    Everyone has an adam’s apple, men’s are simply usually more pronounced. Personally, I think it’s a guy… in which case.. more power to him. This is simply a bad day all around…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this menswear or a ladies garment? I agree with going green but recycling your mesh bag was less than successful this time.

  6. angis1969 says:

    I was thinking that this looked like my mesh laundry bag with the bottom cut out and a little crochet trim added. Yes, the woman wearing this would have to be daring…but the REAL question is “Who would DARE?!?”

  7. angis1969 says:

    I just looked at it again (that’s gonna leave a mark) and…is it a bathing suit cover up? I don’t think that’s a bra…I think it is the top half of a bikini. And, I’m sorry, but have we gone so far in the “androgenous look” that you really wonder if the model is in the process of gender reassignment? I’m all for putting REAL women in magazines…but not women who I am not certain are REALLY women?

  8. LiLi says:

    Hi! I think your blog is hilarious. I have taken this photo and the next one and put them on my blog, with your name as a source and an invitation to visit you. I hope that is okay with you.

  9. Andrea says:

    er … who put that doily in the teleporter – now it and the shemale android I just tried to teleport are all mixed up together …
    (anyone seen that movie “The Fly”? LOL)

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