Anatomy Lesson #1

For all of you who may need an aid in describing human anatomy. The pink color choice doesn’t seem to make it better nor does adding a face but in its own twisted way, it’s kind of cute? Could be the smirk on the face.


  1. CrochetBlogger says:

    Funny timing for this post – I just put a post up on my crochet blog this morning about a crochet artists who has been creating and displaying crocheted penises for the past 30+ years.

    • linda says:

      Dear Crochet Blogger, I do crochet,but this one is a little tricky. This person that you know who has been doing this for 30 yrs plus,does this person do personal orders.I am looking for this item,but with a few more things added. I would appreciate a reply. Thanks, Linda

  2. Mazell Stafford says:

    We used to make these all the time as gag gifts but we didn’t stuff them. We called them “willy warmers” or “pecker socks”.
    I guess in an odd sort of way it’s kinda cute but I can think of much better uses for yarn.

    • Elieen says:

      Amen on the better uses. I’ve yet to “get it” when it comes to people’s fascination with crocheted and knitted body parts. There was a crocheted vulva on craftster one time, and she called it art, people!!! whatev’s

  3. Tam says:

    About 15 years ago I crocheted a dickhead hat for my brother, who was in college at the time. It had a large, multi-colored penis (God love Red Heart) sticking straight off the top with two multi-colored testicles in a tulle scrotum nestled in at the bottom. He actually wore it a few times on campus (a Lutheran college!) until his fiancee got rid of it. Really though, the best part was giving it to him for Christmas with our unpleasant Grandmother there to disapprove of it.
    And I think it’s cute except for the two-part scrotum.

  4. Tina says:

    Um… wow! Ummmm wow! I really hope that we aren’t in for the female version that goes with this stuffed willy warmer lol. Ummmm wow!

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