Muppet Roadkill

When I saw this I laughed so hard…it looks like the whole muppet crew exploded on her shoulder! The atrocity and the horror of it…oh my! Fun fur never gets old does it? Maybe if Lion Brand actually had some decent yarns their patterns wouldn’t be so bloody hideous.


  1. ferabeth says:

    I can’t even GET to the muppet vomit due to being totally distracted by the HAIR vomit. Ugh. Is it 1991 again? Gross.

    Oh, and also… ~IT’S ALIVE!!!!~ tee hee.

  2. KRISTIN says:

    I actually made something similar to this using fun fur…I made it during the time that I was going through Chemo so let’s just blame it on the chemo brain haha. Ended up in the donation box!

  3. Andrea says:

    OMG … is there a fun fur shortage or something? – because it looks like she ran out of yarn before she finished the other 2/3 of the shawl …
    (hmmmm – a few balls short of a packet? lol)
    If one only has 3 balls of fun fur and wants to make something … maybe a shawl is not the way to go … next time try a beanie? LOL
    (actally that would have been good – hide THAT hair!)

    • Michelle says:

      I can’t stop snickering about “…does she know?”
      Actually, I was pondering if the tail/tentacle thingy of the muppet hide is trying to grab her boob.

  4. Razor says:

    Well, I think LBY does make (some) decent yarns, but fun fur is one of those things that should be used sparingly. The above…whatever it is…is not what I would term a success.

  5. Tina says:

    All I keep thinking about is, “why does she look so happy about wearing this? Is she sick in the head?” (hence the hair vomit & muppet vomit), makes me also wonder if we shouldn’t call PETA or something, he he he

  6. Anonymous says:

    it does look like someone skinned a muppet! was looking in a town and country magazine, last summer maybe… anyway, they had a dress that looked like someone killed and skinned mr. snuffalupagus and made a dress! it was scary!… and funny…

  7. Elieen says:

    I agree with Razor. It’s a broad stroke to write off all of LB’s yarns, some of them are very nice (and affordable). But Fun Fur is not only a bitch to work with, it’s ubber ugly. Not all of LB’s patterns are bad either. Buying yarn is what taught me that just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the “best”. I’ve paid alot of dough for crappy yarn in the past, and it wasn’t LB.

  8. Jessabella says:

    hey look it’s “meet the feebles” is that what happened to the ones the elephant squished. For those not it the know it’s an old school Peter Jackson film.

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