Do these animals look happy to you?  I think they look miserable.  (the Shih Tzu doesn’t count…they always look happy! hahaha)

This poor pug

Shame on you, Shih Tzu!

Tsk Tsk, Terrier!

These are made by a company “PUPPOOSE”  and they sell these in boutiques.  These things can’t be distributing the weight evenly on the carriers’ body.  And i wonder how well it holds up.

What’s shocking to me?  $80 for these.  my oh my….


  1. Shellie says:

    Uh… what is the purpose of having models dressed just slightly better than hookers to see these? They look very uncomfortable and I am still trying to figure out why you need scantily dressed women to sell dog slings!

  2. knotbygranma says:

    Why are the models so scantily dressed? Does that draw attention away from this hideous dog torture contraption?

  3. whatnottocrochet says:

    I’m with the others – what’s up with the scantily clothed models? It really doesn’t distract from the hideousness they have on them. $80?! Guess that’s why they are in boutiques. Could you see Paris Hilton wearing one? Maybe she would for that price.

  4. AJ says:

    I tried, I really did. But I really have to say it:

    “Did they make these by accident or on Puppoose?”

    Argh! I’m soooo sorry.

  5. Mari says:

    …i thought it was a boston terrier…
    anyway, on to my real comment:

    HAHAHAHAHAhahahaHAHA!! it’s terrible, but hilarious. with their little faces, and their little feet dangling…


  6. Flora says:

    My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is highly offended at the sight of his doggie brothers/sisters in these uncomfortable looking slings. Dogs are pets, not fashion accessories. Let the little dogs walk free!

  7. Maryann says:

    I dunno. Boston terriers and French bulldogs are confusingly similar looking to me. I could be wrong but it’s definitely one or the other.

  8. Mary says:

    For a good laugh, go to the website and check out the video of the puppoose in action. Hey, do you think they have one big enough for my St. Bernard?

  9. Fan says:

    Jay Leno Tonight Show crowd was roaring with delight to see Shannon with her dog completely happy in her puppoose. What the model (Shanon) wears is not the point. The point is the needle which made these cute carriers for dogs. Haven’t you seen puppy purses all over the place or do some of you detractors only hang out in crochet clubs and never get out?

  10. Johnny says:

    I think you guys all missed the point. These are really cute and I actually have seen dogs around that are more than comfortable in the springy cradle. The girls are dressed on the slutty side of things because this is for the marie claire Hollywood crowd and not the Good Housekeeping Peoria crowd.

  11. Maryann says:

    Fan – Well, maybe we’re against those purses, too. Maybe we’re against people who take their animals in places where they shouldn’t be, and who have dogs bred so tiny and deformed that they never stop shivering.

    Maybe we aren’t a bunch of a shut-ins. Maybe we’ve seen people who treat living animals like fashion accessories, and maybe we find it ridiculous at best, detestable at worst.

    Maybe we think dogs should be treated as friends, and should be able and allowed to walk for themselves, and that people who don’t want strange animals in indoor public places should be treated with respect.

    Maybe Leno was making fun of this… thing… and maybe his audience wasn’t so much “roaring with delight” as they were laughing at the very idea of someone owning such a thing, when most people simply wouldn’t be caught dead.

    Who knows? The one thing I can say for sure is: You crochet with a hook, not a needle.

  12. K1fit says:

    Puppy purses can be cute. But if these are not fitted properly to the dog, it can be very dangerous for the poor pup who has any “wiggle room.” These don’t look as bad as some of the sewn slings I’ve seen in dog boutiques though.

  13. nancy says:

    I have a paralyzed (waist down) kitty who likes to be carried even around the house. Since I often need two hands, I was considering one of these for him. I think I’d like to strap it around my waist too though so he doesn’t swing around while I swiffer or fold laundry.
    I’m all for shelter mutts but they are often small enough to be toted around too. Not just the shivering purebreeds.
    As for the scantily clad models…this is no worse than any other fashion/food/product/service ad anywhere besides Lane Bryant. I doubt these “pupooses” would sell better with the average teen or twenty-something wearing them in an ad. Bellybutton ring, spare tire billowing over too tight jeans, belly hanging out from under the baby doll tee…That’s what the under 30 girls look like lately. Overweight AND lacking modesty. Would that be less offensive?
    The creepy thing about these ads, to me, is that the models’ heads are cropped out.

  14. lunanoir says:

    i donno… on the one hand these dogs look miserable… but have u ever tried taking pics of dogs? they all look as if your trying to steal their souls!

    on the other hand… your hands are free to shop… your arms wont get tired… the dog can go with you to the mall… she’ll be embarrassed only till the first person walks up and pets her cos she’s so darned cute!

    i would probably try for something a little less tacky though… that looks like a reworked toilet seat cover

  15. Maria says:

    This is kinda cute, but I don’t really think dogs would go for it. It’s really funny seeing all of the comments,
    they make me laugh. I have a Shih tzu and he doesn’t like to be in his bag, or in my hands. And I think they would break easily.
    Oh well, each to there own.

    Maria and Tonka

  16. Jacqui says:

    I actually have one of these and absolutely love it. It’s great when I go out of town and arrive at the hotel since I have 2 hands free…one to hold the other leash with the heavier dog (13 lb) and other to carry my purse or luggage if I happen not to use a bellman. It is expensionally well done and I haven’t had problems with it yet. My lil’ dog (9 lb) has hip dysplasia and has trouble keeping up w/ the other dog when we are rushing so the Puppoose is perfect….she just sits in it until we get to the hotel room and then she’s free. Free to run around! Like myself, I am sure that people with the Puppooses’ actually walk their dogs too, they’ve got to do their business…no need to worry we don’t have them strapped to our shoulders 24 – 7. Lastly, they are not uncomfortable for the owners either…they have a nice padded strap at the shoulder/neck area to make sure that it doesn’t embed in your flesh. You must keep in mind this contraption is for small dogs, she probably weights less than what my purse weights on a good day! :)

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