The blog title where this beauty was found reads: “Crochet, Comfortable & Practical for Girls”. Where to begin exactly? Yikes. Not sure how comfortable or practical this design would be given the lumps and bumps the tampons would create under a  pair of pants or skirt but then again, who would notice, right? Insert sarcastic smirk here.

Thank you to one of our faithful readers for sending this submission in – it does appear on a blog from Hungary so perhaps the translation isn’t that great with Google Translate but I’m not so sure there’s an excuse for this one.


  1. Tina says:

    my first thought is, “its a good thing that the short tubular shapes are offset to the side like that or someone would think that she was really a he!” ROTF this is the ultimate in gender-bending style under clothing, takes care of a feminine-only need while giving a masculine effect.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I showed this to my 2 teenage daughters while saying, “I am so gonna make this for y’all!!” They both said, “Um, eww, no!”

    I wonder why they always looks nervously at me when I get my hooks out. Hmmm….

    • JG says:

      Tampons are not sterile to begin with. But yeah, this would just get them dirty and knock the fibers around. (Maybe put a wrapped OB in there?)

      • Holly says:

        The US and Canada are really the only two countries where tamons with aplacators are common. In most places outside of these countries tampons are often not individualy wrapped but come in a box loose. So this makes more sence to Europe and other countries that to the US. I think it’s a great idea! No more carring your purse to the bathroom with you and everyone knowing that you are on your period at work or school!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m with the rest of you, I would want a pattern without the tampon pockets. Anybody experienced enough to modify this pattern?

    • Anonymous says:

      That was my thought. I don’t want to wear impractical sexy underwear during my period. (Well, I don’t want to ever wear it but ESPECIALLY during my period…)

      Also, what if you leaked? Your pretty hookwork would be ruined?

  4. Mazell Stafford says:

    It might be kinda cute without the tampon pockets but I don’t know even one girl who would wear it either way ^ I have teenage granddaughters.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Oh wow! This is horrible! lol! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable these must be to wear with tampons actually in them.

    Oh the horror!!!! LOVE your blog! Keep it up!!!

  6. B says:

    Maybe they’re for younger girls embarrassed to take a purse to the bathroom? And a girl doesn’t always have pockets. Some OB tampon sizes might be slim enough to make this work. The placement should be modified though, like maybe sideways along the front edge of the leg openings.

    That being said, jeez, this is a strange solution! Does make me want to crochet a tampon bandolier for artsy fun though.

  7. LA Red says:

    Creativity can be a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. In this case, toxic shock from nonsterile tampons. On the other hand, could be modified to hold a variety of lipsticks…

  8. Lois says:

    I don’t understand the concept of crocheted swimwear, anyway. It would be heavy and droopy getting out of the water. And if it’s meant as underwear, your skirt or pants would be all lumpy. Maybe this was meant as humor.

    • Brandy says:

      There are many a lumpy lace bra out there! But seriously, when you’re wearing tight/silky clothes you wear seamless underwear. Lace underwear under a bulky sweater and jeans, works fine.

      • aykayem says:

        in which case you would have pockets to put your things in! … or if wearing sweater over leggings or something with no pockets – you could wear a shirt with a pocket or sew a fabric “pocket” on the inside of the sweater if need be … lol
        or you could be really creative and make a mobile phone pouch taht looks like a person/animal/etc and hide a couple of (wrapped) tampons in the legs …
        (hmmm I might be onto something – maybe I should have kept that idea to myself? lol)

  9. Abi says:

    This is incredible. I’m loving the whole ethos of your blog too, I love to crochet but there’s a humungous amount of awfullness out there that makes me ashamed to call myself a crocheter. Thanks for giving me a giggle.

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