Caftan – huh?

The blurb with this piece reads:

Cossack costume? (Etruscan, Tartar, Mongolian?) No, it’s simply a crochet wool caftan — a guaranteed party stopper.

Party stopper indeed as everyone flees in horror when this guy comes into the party!

And yes, I had to look it up – caftan means:

  1. a long garment having long sleeves and tied at the waist by a girdle, worn under a coat in the Middle East (or)
  2. a long, full, usually collarless robe with wide sleeves that is worn at home for lounging or entertaining or at the beach as a cover-up

Scratching your head too?  Good because I’m not sure what party this would be a stopper at!

Thanks to one of our faithful readers for sending this one in – it’s from Creative Crochet and it’s circa 1970s which could explain the crazy of this garment…maybe.


  1. Anonymous says:

    That is one of the ugliest garments I have ever seen. Also, just look at all the kid’s sweaters or even potholders that could be made from all that yarn.

  2. zaylinda says:

    In my college days, I went to a very few parties where that would have been a huge hit. There was… a great deal of substance abuse going on….
    I left early. It was not my scene.

  3. B says:

    My god… how could you NOT make that??? I’m positive I could find a use for it. Idea #1, revenge on my toddler for eating my cell phone battery this morning. Idea #2, my ten year high school reunion is coming up. Idea #3, traffic court. The possibilities are endless.

  4. tessgar says:

    ya, it was in a sunset crochet and craft book i got at a used booksale. most of the patterns were pretty cute and then i flip to the back and here is this picture. now here was my face >.>! i knew it was destined for fug fame

  5. ~Severeine~ says:

    I didn’t know crystal meth was popular in the 70s! Such an educational blog. Now excuse me. I must go make an octopus tentacle skirt. Mine is going to have *actual working suction cups*, though. You know, I won’t even have to pay for yarn as I am sure Lion Brand will not only buy the pattern, but also supply me with it for life! :D I am on the road to greatness!!

  6. W4 says:

    This would make an interesting Hallowe’en costume…

    …just shaking my head that someone (would) put that much effort into making this monstrosity!

  7. gilder says:

    I also have the original book. It’s worth noting that the photo was illustrating wearable crochet art. No pattern was provided.

  8. aykayem says:

    er … it kind of looks like a midget in a warrior costume … if the bloke wearing it was about twice as big, or the “Kaftan” was half the size – it might make a good elf/fantasy/viking/whatever costume for a party or role playing … but in that photo all it looks like is “oops – I think it turned out 5 sizes too big”

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