500 minimum!

If you like it, you can have this mass-produced at a 500 item minimum and if it really catches on, the manufacturer can “hand crochet” 50,000 units a month!  Go forth and sell this bad boy…I dare you!

Who exactly would be hand crocheting this at 50,000 units a month? Yikes, there must be crochet slave labor camps somewhere in the world if this is true.


  1. Brandy says:

    Why is the sleeve made differently than the rest of it?
    It wouldn’t be half bad if the sleeves were made better.

  2. Mazell Stafford says:

    Why is she wearing an ugly throw rug on her back & who in their right mind would want one let alone 50,000 of them?

    • Angel says:

      I didn’t want to say that for fear that I would be thought strange (stranger that is than the bath mat with sleeves).

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