Something cozy…

For your feet! And guess what? These would go fabulously with the jacket in the last post.

Of if you’re in the mood to be an elf, here you go:

Or maybe you want something that’s just plain ugly:

Lots of options to keep those toes nice and warm while March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.


  1. ~Severeine~ says:

    I mad elf slippers with bells on the toes for Thing 1 and Thing 2 and they are cute so I wondered why you disliked the elf slippers. Then I realized that, in addition to appearing adult sized, they are a lovely shade of baby poop. Frodo, take me away..

    • twincats says:

      have you tried to find decent green yarn (esp. In bulky size) lately? Loads of shades in the pea soup/baby poop range is what I’ve found.

      • Brandy says:

        Then I must be lucky! I found myself a lovely Emerald green wool that I made a sweater out of. Just finishing the trim.

  2. thecraftaholic says:

    and a link back to the designer would be nice. considering the elf slippers are a pattern that the designer sells.

  3. Valery says:

    OK, I have to be totally honest. The first and third ones, sure, they’re tacky, but if you’re ONLY wearing them around your own private home? Really, they’re cute enough as slippers go. Just imagine them with fun fur, and suddenly they seem downright sane.

    Now, the elf ones. I have to say, it’s the *lack* of ornamentation that makes those ugly to me. If you’re gonna wear adorably tacky house slippers, go nuts! Embroider them with vines and leaves! Bells! Buttons! Pompoms! :P

  4. mazell stafford says:

    I really like all the slippers patterns. You just have to be able to [picture them in sane, solid colors. They look quick & easy to make too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aww, I sort of like them…in a “reminds me of my grandma” kind of way. Isn’t that why I started to crochet? b/c I like kitschy things? Sometimes I think it’s too easy to pick on hookers.

  6. Kate says:

    I crocheted myself a pair of elf slippers (not that pattern, although I like it), but they’re green with bells and only come out on Christmas morning, along with my red-and-white stocking cap (also with bells).

  7. aykayem says:

    the top slippers would be great for a bad taste party … and fine for those who like slippers without any back part (not my thing – if u are going to cover your feet then cover your feet, not just half of them … but my DH (dear husband) would disagree – his scuffs are his favourite around the house footwear) … those colours are not to my taste though … but as long as they are done in colours the person wearing them likes … lol
    The bottom pair are actually quite cute, in a grandma kind of way … I would wear those …
    And – yes – I too LIKE the elf boots! … and I even don’t mind them in that baby poo colour (call it “mustard” and u can get away with it – lol) … but … WTF is with those numbers on the leaves?! … that totally weirded me out! LOL

  8. Louise says:

    The first pair of slippers are definitely different! Does anyone know where you can get the pattern for them? Like the slipper, the colours could be changed.

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