Poor puppy…

This is just a tiny sampling of all the different hat patterns on sale by this designer for your beloved dog. And yes, people have bought these designs…think of all the sad little puppies out there wearing this stuff!

Crochet pattern only? Really? I thought it might include the dog and the fun fur hat. Darn it!

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in – we love it when you find great stuff like this!


  1. Jan says:

    I know it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, but really. Why would someone think a dog would want to wear these?

  2. Gaaack!! says:

    That’s pretty funny!
    (Cute peppy little hats on sad-faced dogs)

    I especially like the pink one
    It looks like someone had a great doggie time last night
    and is nursing quite a hangover today

  3. Brandy says:

    Awwww. They all look so sad. Whenever I put a sweater on my little Pom (it gets cooold here) he sits and poses proudly, but won’t move. He will however, roll and dig in the snow while wearing his fleece booties and jacket! :)

  4. alliandra says:

    yes, they look so sad, i always see them in ravelry, in “recently added patterns”, and i always think the same thing… poor dogs..

  5. LindyLouLou says:

    Why, oh, why do the Chihuahuas always get the worst of it??? Poor babies!!!!! The green “fun” fur cap with the bugged out eyes is hideous!!!!

  6. Sara Sach says:

    I AM the Designer and This is my “poor Puppy”. LOL
    And just for the record he loves to model, he is sweet baby named Maximo and he get lots of cookies for modeling. So does Rosie. Believeme they are very loved and spoiled.

  7. Jenelle says:

    I have gotten patterns from Sara and think she does an AMAZING JOB! There are dogs out there believe it or not that LOVE to be dressed up. I have Maltese and my little one prances around in his hat. He loves his clothes! If he didn’t, I wouldn’t put them on him. If he just “Sat” there, I would not be putting his hats and clothes on. I think it’s great when pet owners “SPOIL” their babies!!! Don’t knock it until you try it!

  8. CrochetBlogger says:

    Aw. I have to confess that I have a friend’s dog I want to make something for but I think I’m going to go with a puppy hoodie so she’ll be so stylin that she won’t hate me. :)

  9. Gaaack!! says:

    Just an idea…
    Perhaps we could focus more on all the hilarious crocheted stuff out there, rather than only the “fugly”?

    I’ve found a lot of stuff like that that I wanted to submit, but I didn’t really want folks making fun of it. (I totally enjoy a good chuckle and I didn’t want to discourage the makers.)

    PS–I’ve been really enjoying this blog :)

  10. Angel says:

    Like a friend told me about putting a hotdog bun halloween costume on a dachshund, it’s not a chargable offense but it is still cruelty to animals.

  11. Terri says:

    These are terrible.. the dog is so cute.. but dear God.. no dog would want to wear those!! except maybe the cupcake one.. i thought that was cute.. and would be even cuter for a lil dog named cupcake.. LOL.. great work though.. but i would never do them.

  12. Sara Sach says:

    Hello, again, It’s me, Sara , THE designer of these dog items. I am not bothered at all, actually I think it is really funny ! Alot of these hats are funny, silly and crazy…. and are meant to be. I even wrote a blog about!

    • whatnottocrochet says:

      Good for you for taking it in stride! We all have our opinions and no malice is intended and if your business goes up because of this post, congratulations! The post definitely got a lot of likes on Facebook!

  13. maisie says:

    Awww , bless ! lol ! I have’nt laughed so much in ages .You must love these little doggies though. I made a red sequinned coat for my dog -she was’nt amused.x.

  14. kcduffy says:

    Is that Bert and Ernie??? Oh, I have to show this to my 3yo granddaughter!

    …except then she’ll want a dog, and we ain’t going there. Maybe on the cat!

  15. Trippet says:

    My dog would sport these like a boss! He’s a 37-lb mutt who loves to wear clothes when it’s cold. He practically prances like a princess with his pjs on – what a maroon! My cat, on the other hand, peed on the jester hat I got him. Fashion’s just not for every beast.

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