1. Gaaack!! says:

    Oooo, now that’s a classic!

    Mostly, I see that first picture as a silly handsome white dude trying to pretend he’s black

    It also reminds me of an old picture of a sea monster octopus engulfing a sailing vessel

  2. Brandy says:

    Ugh! Such poor craftsmanship. In the second photo you can see that the hat was worked in continuous rounds, which is totally unacceptable (and fugly) when striped are used.

  3. San says:

    HAHA Looks like some hot pads I made for my kids to use in their dorms. LOL Definitely looks better as the hot pads!

  4. Mazell Stafford says:

    It’s that combination of colors as well as continuous rounds. That baby poop yellow hurts my eyes. The “dreds” speak for themselves. This young man must have been drunk or high to let anyone take his photo in that mess. Either that or he was paid very well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    On my two week cruise last year, four older Aussie blokes (in their 60’s) wore these hats with the dreadlocks to almost every evening show and daytime activity. Their good humored attitude allowed them to carry off wearing these hats. They had purchased them in Jamaica a few years ago and now wore them on all of theirvacations. They actually made this hat fun which is quite an accomplishment!

  6. LauraK says:

    I think the glasses are the Photoshop-challenged man’s way of protecting that poor shirtless man’s identity.

  7. LindyLouLou says:

    Ha! First, the dude’s dreads look totally fake – he’s too white and frankly, he’s too clean-looking. Not that all dread-wearers need a shower, but he’s too “well-kept” looking – again the dreads are too “perfect.” DUMB. Poser!

  8. Trippet says:

    I’m not sure I understand the necessity of the bare chest in the first pic . . . but I like it! Took me a sec to realize the hat was the focus, hubba!

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