Who in their right mind would wear this thing? And where to? Maybe if you pair it up with the ganja hat it’ll be a complete ensemble! Apparently this thing was selling for over $600!


  1. knotrune says:

    I think that would be cheerful to wear round the house on a gloomy winter day, but I don’t think I’d dare set foot outside! Unless it was a mad fancy dress party I suppose! And not for that price, ouch.

  2. Gaaack!! says:

    I don’t know… that might be a complete necessity at a hippie festival

    And if someone really got $600 for it,
    I’m pretty sure I could make a second one

  3. Jessica-Jean says:

    I absolutely love bright coloured yarns. Safety orange, neon blue, electric green, horrendous pink … love ‘em all. But no one could ever get me to crochet (or even knit) anything quite that garish! $600 to make it would not be enough.

    I, too, would like to know how you manage to find these eyesores. They make me smile, but some of the comments make me laugh until tears. Thank you for your efforts to cheer us all!

  4. Laura L says:

    Commenting a couple of days late. (Sorry)
    It looks to me as if she’s a big fan of Dr Seuss. Looks kind of like a Who in that get up.

  5. kye says:

    Hi Everyone you know that the woman that bought this colourful creation works with dying children.She has told me that it has bought so much joy and laughter to kids that only have a few weeks to live.Im rapt that I have made a small impact in the lives of those that dont have as much as me. I hope that all my contributions to life are as positive. Much love,Kye

    • Gaaack!! says:

      Oh dear…
      If you put that picture out on the web to sell that item, it’s probably become public domain

      And this is just a site where we chuckle at the unusually creative work of anonymous crocheters

      So I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to go identifying yourself–perhaps you should ask the site owner to remove your comments

  6. kye says:

    Hey and just as an experiment ,see how you feel when you do something that acts in a positive way….its incredible…praise someone….say something comes back and you find you own life becomes joyful..just give it a try..go on ,I dare can all do it..

    • Michelle says:

      Tried to think of something nice……….It’s colorful…….
      That’s about the best I can do. Otherwise I’m speechless.

    • Gamma22 says:

      A touch sensitive, aren’t we? Could you not consider that while we’re all laughing at your creation, you’re laughing all the way to the bank? No, you want to go postal and deny us the gift of laughter. Does it not occur to you that maybe somebody looking at this site is also in poor health and appreciates the distraction this photo provides?

      • whatnottocrochet says:

        There were email cries of “take my photo down or I’ll sue you” too but seriously, who’s going to spend their money doing that? Gave me a good giggle anyways and the photo will remain.

  7. Anonymous says:

    kye, the outfit is a monstrosity, no matter what its use. I could make children in any situation laugh hard and long without looking as if every neuron my brain was born with went on holiday at the same time.

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