Cocoon Wedding

I think this dress is knit but some places say it’s crocheted but since the Royal Wedding is all over the airwaves right now, it seems fitting as it’s a “stitched” dress. ¬†Could you imagine the gasps of horror if this was the dress Kate was wearing?

I think the facial expression of the little bridesmaid pretty much sums up this dress although she should probably make that face and cover her eyes. Nothing like a little one adding levity to an otherwise formal affair.


  1. Heidi says:

    There is always and unhappy child at the royal wedding. I think there was one for Charles and Diana too… BTW the dress should be used to clean floors. It is perfect for scrubbing up those spills

  2. Jessica-Jean says:

    Maybe I’m weird, but I think it looks like a be-bowed phallus.

    Why would anyone bother making such a ‘dress’ in the first place? Too much white yarn on hand? Needed to make a stitch sampler in the round? Please, tell me no bride actually used it as her wedding dress.

  3. says:

    I’ll be totally un-PC too (after all, PC is just lying with style anyway), she looks like a giant dildo.

  4. aunt mary says:

    my first assosiation was that she is advertising tampons. you know how sometimes firms dress up somone as the product to do promotion? she is aparently doing it for OB.

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