Vah-genie (NSFW)

OMG, I thought the VaJay was bad but my word, who is buying these? This seller has sold 3 and no, I’m not kidding! Maybe they’re buying them as a conversation piece? God I hope so because you have to be just a tad kinky or twisted to put this on your bicycle seat!

I was going to add the item description but I think I’ll spare you…just leave it as you can have this custom-made and you have the choice of adding or not adding a starfish (aka a butthole according to the listing).

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in! 


  1. Gaaack!! says:

    That’s mind blowing

    I suppose that’s the “starfish” on the front of the bicycle seat,
    since it’s not there on some of them?
    …Which makes it even more hideous

    Wow… just wow

  2. Jessica-Jean says:

    As a cyclist (pedal, not motor), I just have one question: Is that thing intended for a female or a male rider?

  3. Lois says:

    There are a disturbing number of vagina-related crocheted items out there: the VaJay, the “cocoon wedding dress” which really looks like a giant tampon costume, various tampon holders, and now these horrifying bicycle seat covers. Granted, there are some penile yarn wonders, as well, but they are nowhere near as awful as the vaginas.

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