It’s time to post this…

I get sent this image by readers on a pretty regular basis so I thought it was time to finally post it for everyone to enjoy or be traumatized by…your choice…LOL

And she is anatomically correct and so is her son in case you needed those details! But before I close this post, one of our faithful readers sent along this atrocity which is supposed to be a “pickled fetus”…I’m not kidding either! Just how twisted and warped do you have to be? This one is by far worse than the childbirth doll.


  1. Jessica-Jean says:

    I far prefer seeing a crocheted version of a pickled fetus that the real one that my first ob/gyn had on a shelf in his office. If I were called upon to make one, I’d enclose it in a jar whose lid fit well enough to be permanently upside down.

    I wonder what it’s stuffed with …

  2. Tam says:

    For me, the most disturbing part of the “pickled fetus” is that the lid says “crunchy.” Is that seriously wrong?

  3. mikitta says:

    Uhhhm … uh … I really have no words to express my feelings here about this. Just … at least it’s not a crocheted crucifix in urine?

    God Bless,

  4. Jenni at Baa-me Kniits says:

    LOL loved that comment about wondering what he was stuffed with!! I do have to wonder WHY?? wouldn’t a nice hat challenge your creativity and be more rewarding? I can see the point of the birth doll but sometimes isn’t it a need to know thing….do kids really need to know exactly how it happens? Thanks for posting, I love your blog :-)

  5. Kate says:

    Wonder if they have the recipe for pickled fetus’…and to top it off I can’t believe they put it in an actual Vlasic jar!

  6. Nzinga Johnson says:

    That will teach me, put your phone down when you’re eating! And of course my husband wanted to know why I made the face so, I had to show him too.

    REALLY? crocheted crucifix in urine?

  7. alliandra says:

    for me, the worst photo is the first one, the crocheted fetus in a jar c’est du déjà vu, it’s already seeing, but the … the what? i do not even know how to call it… (and it has nothing to do with my English translation difficulties!)
    and what about the creative process!?… for the fetus, it’s easy to understand what does it mean, in one way or the other
    but the … thing? waouh .. weird

  8. Mazell Stafford says:

    Whoever would even think up a pattern for either of these , let alone make them has far more problems than just “too much time on their hands”. They have a serious mental problem & perhaps need a padde room & llllllllloooooooootttttsssssssss of therapy.

  9. Gaaack!! says:

    I would like the “teaching tool” more if it was more abstracted and prettier
    And I’m soooo not going to ask why the infant needs genitals

    The fetus in the pickle jar instead
    seems like a “teenager trying to enrage her parents” thing
    …And I bet it works, too (LOL)

  10. Alix says:

    Please please couldn’t you give a little warning like the highway people do: Road work ahead, 1/2 mile, road work ahead, detour…Detour…DETOUR!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pickled fetus must live in Washington DC and be familiar with Walter Reed’s museum of pathology. They have a lot of real pickled feti on display.

  12. Jennifer says:

    The creator of the fetus in a jar happens to be a very good friend of mine. Instead of seeing it as disgusting, try seeing it in the point of view of an artist: it is incredibly creative and she did it without a pattern. It’s an example of what she has learned and how she chose to demonstrate her skill. She is amazing, an not just at crocheting. (Although, that is one if my favorites.) I have been lucky enough to have her as a teacher and I can only hope to pull an idea out of the air and create it as detailed as she did. It’s amazing what people can learn when they are open minded. :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    the most stuped things i saw in my life i think who put those pics has a mental problem and he / she is stuped, crazy,lazy and will never have a daisy………

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