Man crochet…

I was a little distracted by the models but not necessarily in a good way but you have to admit, these models are doing pretty damn good modeling these creations despite the “come hither” look of the last model. You have to wonder what they’re thinking…


  1. Luarna says:

    YUCK!! thats actually vomitous. makes me skin crawl. looks like they have been attacked by a barnacle monster.

  2. Tina says:

    Wow! I….WOW!!! I am still harmed by the first picture! im not sure what is on his head but my first thought was it was a crocheted squid or something sucking his brains out! But then I saw the rest of the pictures & now I need a nap… or maybe not a nap but I need something LOL

  3. Gamma22 says:

    As a devotee of the pointy sticks I can assure you that the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th outfits are most decidedly knitted. As for Barnacle Boy, I feel certain that his outfit is at least partially knitted.

    Makes those horrible clunky sweaters from Great-aunt Marge look almost tame by comparison, though.

  4. Amy says:

    “You know you want me… I’m fluffy! Too funny. They are thinking “I have to pay the rent and this beats being a gigolo… sorta.”

  5. Heidi says:

    I am repeating the 1st comment…”Ewww” What is wrong with people? some creative things are not meant for public viewing….

  6. Angel says:

    The 3rd shot looks vaguely (ok VERY VAGUELY) like something from the costume trailer of Romeo and Juliet, the 1970’s version we had to endure in high school lit class. As for barnacle boy, I’m fairly certain that he’s hoping he gets paid in cash. I wouldn’t take a check from someone trying to sell this.

  7. z says:

    I chuckled at the last two pictures. I don’t know why. Maybe the way the guy is looking. Like he must have said before the picture was taken, “I can’t beleive I’m doing this”.

  8. dlp says:

    these kind of remind me of the hyperbolic crochet coral reef. maybe these fellas are looking to be in a smithsonian exhibit.

  9. alison friday says:

    Now that’s what I call modelling, I think that the designer must be pretty loaded because the creations are a little strange and the photos look very professional.

  10. lolarusa says:

    Even the creatures of the sea cannot resist his allure. They cling to him like barnacles. Exactly like barnacles. Which is intentional, I can see.

    Come here, handsome, and let me get you out of those wet things. Those bizarre, wet things inexplicably knitted and/or crocheted for you to model.

  11. Barb H says:

    What were they thinking? How did these guys find this job? Was it in the paper?
    “wanted: hot guys to model funky knitted bumpy underwater space-wear. Call for details…”
    I am deeply affected by this. I must go.

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