1. Jessica-Jean says:

    On top of that, just look at the uncomfortable looking beach she’s sitting on! I’ve collected a few patterns for things like those, but it will be a cold day in Hades before I’ll ever make them for anything bigger than a doll, if that.

  2. Angela says:

    Dear Men,
    Do you actually like crochet yarn unmentionables? Because Victoria’s Secret may go out of style with these homespun hot-in-a-frumpy-yarn-barf sorta way ummm…garments.

  3. aunt mary says:

    reminds me again of why i have started to do crochet for for charity when i decided i needed no more potholders, hats, scarves or cardigans. using scrap yarn to make hats for the homeless or baby blankies for the needy makes more sense and gives you a better feeling. ( not just in your heart but also on the beach)

  4. alison friday says:

    They make mannequins that look like number three!!(I had to double take)
    It’s a mans world, can you imagine the male version. shocking;-)

  5. alicebcreative says:

    Yeah, I’ve always thought crocheted bikinis are just wrong. They certainly don’t work for the purpose intended, which I assume is to be able to swim in them. Unless you are Jennifer Lopez and use lots of adhesive to keep them in place.

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