1. anonymous says:

    Willy Warmers!!!

    My dad has a knit pattern for those.

    One year, my dad, as a joke, filled the Willy Warmer up (get your minds out of the gutter) with some kleenex, and he put walnuts in the little nut pockets…

    Then he hung it on the Christmas tree, and called it the Christmas Pickle.

    My aunt, who has a glass ornament that looks like a pickle, was so mortified.

  2. brightfeather says:

    Gee … I can think of at least one Hairy and one Dick that this would make a perfect Christmas gift for. I wonder if this “creation” was made by a man hooked on viagra or a drug who is spammer flogging it on line.

  3. ErinLindsey says:

    I Googled the designer (his name is on the picture) and found his website. http://www.markichester.com/jackdavis/

    He apparently has made hundreds of these. He sells them, he exhibits them and apparently they are NOT Willy Warmers.

    The strings hanging off the end of the….ummm….well, anyways, the string is apparently a drawstring. Some people use these as purses.

    The designer himself says that he stuffs them with plastic easter eggs because the easter eggs are the right size.

  4. SB&C says:

    Sometimes being dyslexic has its funny side : I was reading all the comments and read Kelebek’s remark about using the crowns as pincushions and how “would get strange satisfaction from sticking pins into” in conjunction with THIS post….


  5. anonymous says:

    go to the link someone posted and read about the designer…apparently the guy is gay, and apparently he REALLY likes penises.

    Whatever makes him happy I guess…plus, he makes money selling these things, so it cant be too horrible a thing to crochet for a living.

  6. Dicky says:

    There dripping happy yarn! Love the wall. I bet the green ones are from zombies. Heres a thought, what are the green ones dripping? :o!

  7. Mitzy says:

    I think they’re funny as all h*ll! He made various sizes & everything. To each his own. That said, I wouldn’t want a wall decorated like that in my home though! LOL! :)

  8. sandra says:

    had to click on the picture to make it bigger…….just wish it was that easy in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg that is just awful imagine that hangin in your livin room or any room!! artist defo got a problem i mean why!!!!!!

  9. Melissa says:

    OK Annie, I really hope you are just being silly when you are asking what the knob (light switch/dimmer) on the wall does!

    Not every piece of art is meant to go in your living room, not every piece of art is meant to be pretty, and not every piece of art will be your cup of tea. Any problems with the motives to create such a piece usually don’t lie within the artist. I would suggest people lighten up a notch or two.

  10. Jordi says:

    It made me giggle a bit. It took a little while to get over the initial “why make this”, but hey.

    It lightened up my day a bit!

  11. Metalhaid says:

    Let it all hang out, dude. (Hey, the artist said he went to college in the 60s.)
    I think these are cool. I could see one as a ‘personal massage unit’ cozy. ;-)

  12. Michelle K. says:

    Maybe the dimmer makes them grow and shrink. I bet the green ones are from aliens.

    And who wouldn’t love a penis purse!

  13. loobruce says:

    if you think the green ones are weird, you should check out the pink ones on his website. too many raspberry crusiers maybe.

  14. crochetnut says:

    The green ones make me want to get a prescription for what ever medicine will ensure I won’t catch what they’ve got. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

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