In an attempt to capture some of those truly hideous crochet creations out there, this blog was created in response to some of the other blogs out there poking fun at other topics such as knitting and celebrities.  Why not crochet too?  There are a lot of designs out there that are really just truly hideous and you have to ask yourself…just what were these designers thinking????


  1. Leisel says:

    Oh, cool… a crochet site like “You Knit What?”

    This’ll be a blast… as much as I love crochet, there are far, FAR more nasty crochet designs than knit designs.

  2. HydraFemme says:

    I don’t knit, I crochet. But I was posting at You Knit What? before I came here. Glad I did, as this may just be enough to keep me sane next time I pick up my trusty hook and get that certain gleam in my eyes. . .

  3. ninles says:

    hehe I just went through all your entries.. Good fun! I can’t believe that some people spend time on these abominations.. I’m liking my granny’s knitting more and more! :D

  4. wildirish says:

    I also crochet and have often wondered “What were they thinking”, while looking for patterns.

    This blog made my day!!!! I absolutely love the way you describe things!!

  5. copperrose7 says:

    i have added this site to my favorites and now i know what to do with all those patterns i run across when looking for a pattern that i would actually do! (post them on this website)hahahaha

  6. jan andrea says:

    Thank you very much for many hearty laughs! Your blog is a thing of beauty! There are so many things that are just not meant to be crocheted, and you’ve done a great job of posting the highlights :)

    I, for instance, crocheted a baby sling (pouch), and actually used it a few times before realizing that it was a lot of work for a not very comfortable carrier. I would be thrilled to be featured :lol:

    • Aykayem says:

      mmmmmmmmmmmmm … canned ham poducts – just what we wanted – not … lol

      (and if anyone thinks this reply has nothing to with the comment, it is probably because they are unaware that the comment has nothing to do with the post)

  7. JerseyCow says:

    This site is great! You totally need to include links to where to find some of these patterns, in case we want to “inflict” them on others! (And, since you seem to have good taste, I’d love to see a site dedicated to stuff you do like, to help all of us in our constant search through all kinds of fairly terrible stuff in order to find the good stuff.)

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