The Mancho

The ManchoAnything even remotely resembling a blanket worn by a man as a “fashion” has to be banned…just what exactly is a mancho anyways?  A derivative of the poncho?  Okay, please people, this is not a good style for any man…do you want your man to feel even less masculine?  Cool, I know I do…so great, let’s make him a mancho!  And matching manchos/ponchos, whatever, please, don’t even get me started..and the fact that his is “green” and her’s is “purple”…does that make it manlier?  I’ll let you decide.  The fact that he’s hiding behind the woman should give you an indication of its appeal…poor guy…hope they paid him well to model this!


  1. happy spider says:

    It’s like the Mandigan (cardigan for man), totally effeminate and ridiculous and designed by women who have been jilted by their first love and are determined to bring every man in the universe to their needs.
    At leasts he’s not smoking a pipe!

  2. HydraFemme says:

    One more way to ditch a troublesome boyfriend—work one of THESE up for him and DEMAND that he wear it often and in public!

  3. Annie says:

    Logically, if you’re going to call something a “Mancho”, wouldn’t you have to call the female equivalent a “Womancho”? or maybe a “B**cho”?

  4. Naomi says:

    Hey, come on, now, Clint Eastwood wore a poncho in the “Man With No Name” westerns.
    But, yeah, he wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing.

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